National Audit Office

Emergency Service Network £3.1bn Over Budget

Home Office slammed for its management of ESN project, with the NAO predicting more delays

5 years ago

Gov.UK Verify Authentication Scheme Slammed by NAO

National Audit Office heavily criticises government authentication scheme, which it says has fallen well below target

5 years ago

Government’s Smart Meter Deadline Will Be Missed, Warns NAO

Troubled smart metre rollout in the UK unlikely to meet its 2020 deadline for installation in every home

6 years ago

The NHS Could Have Avoided WannaCry Attack, Says NAO Report

WannaCry ransomware attack made worse as NHS did not follow basic security recommendations

7 years ago

Home Office Overlooks Scale Of Online Fraud Warns NAO

Must do better! National Audit Office says online fraud is costing billions of pounds, but is still not a priority…

7 years ago

NAO: HMRC Digital Shift ‘Risks Losing Confidence’

The department was 'over-optimistic' about reducing staff in the transition to digital services

8 years ago