Organisations Outmatched By Nation-State Hackers, Survey Finds

Businesses are increasingly seeking government help in light of cyberattacks from nation-state attackers, survey from Trellix and CSIS

3 months ago

Russian Government Websites Downed After Ukraine Invasion

Ukraine strikes back? Russian government websites have been knocked offline in suspected cyberattack, amid Ukraine invasion

4 months ago

Iran Blames Nation State For Cyberattack on Petrol Stations

Petrol distribution network in Iran has reportedly been paralysed after a cyberattack, which some officials have alleged came from a…

8 months ago

Australian PM Warns Of ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack By ‘State-Based’ Actor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reveals Australia is experiencing cyber attacks across 'a range of sectors', with China reportedly the likely…

2 years ago

Facebook To Identify State-Controlled Media From Russia, China

State-controlled media organisations from Russia, China and other countries will be labelled as such by Facebook from the summer

2 years ago

Officials Blame Turkey For Cyber-Attacks

Turkish government likely to be behind ongoing campaign of DNS hijacking incidents targeting rival countries, Western officials say

2 years ago

Labour Party Claims It Was Hit By Large-Scale Cyberattack

Weeks before the general election, the Labour Party claims its systems have been subjected to a cyberattack

3 years ago

Georgia Suffers Huge Cyberattack

Thousands of websites in Georgia have been hacked and defaced with pictures of the former President

3 years ago

Avast Confirms “Extremely Sophisticated” Hack

State sponsored actor? Security vendor admits it has been targetted by sophisticated cyberespionage campaign

3 years ago

Cyberattack Could Trigger NATO Response

NATO chief warns serious cyber strike on any NATO nation could trigger Article 5 response from the alliance

3 years ago

Singapore Health Hackers Identified By Symantec

Hacking group that inflicted Singapore with its worst ever cyber attack, has been identified by Symantec

3 years ago

Singapore Health Hack Carried Out By State-linked Group

Government says hack of Singapore health records has the hallmarks of a state-linked group

4 years ago

Ransomware Attacks ‘Double’ As Nation State Weapons Fall Into Hands Of Hackers

Grim reading...Malware is growing, adware mutating, and sophisticated 'nation state' tools are being used by low-level hackers

5 years ago

Former GCHQ Boss: We Can’t Stop Nation State Hacking And Espionage

State-sponsored cyber attacks have become more prominent than ever, with espionage and the influence of internal affairs leading the way

5 years ago

US Blames North Korea Government For Cyber Attacks

Nation state hacking is again in the spotlight as tensions rise between North Korea and the US

5 years ago

Microsoft To Warn Of State-Sponsored Hacks

Collision course? Redmond to warn its users when any government attempts to hack into its services

7 years ago

Most Businesses Are Potential Targets for Nation-State Cyberattacks

IT security professionals believe their companies are on the hit list

7 years ago

China Denies Hack Of US Government Personnel Records

China denies it was behind massive breach of US government data and employee records

7 years ago

IMF Breach May Be Nation-State Phishing Attack

A major attack on the International Monetary Fund appears to have been triggered by a spear phishing attack

11 years ago

2010: Dawn Of National Cyber Wars, says Citrix CTO

"Conficker is still out there - and that's 28 terabits/second. If that thing was pointed at any national interest, it…

12 years ago