Micron Notes DRAM Supply Hit After Taiwan Earthquake

Concerns realised. Memory maker Micron admits hit to DRAM supply following Taiwan's biggest earthquake in 25 years

2 months ago

China Memory Maker YMTC Sues Micron Over Patent Infringement

China's biggest NAND flash memory maker sues US' Micron over patent infringement amidst spiralling tech tensions between US and China

7 months ago

US Denies Restricting AI Chip Sales To Middle East

US government official denies AMD and Nvidia claims they are being denied permission to sell AI chips to Middle East

10 months ago

Micron Chief ‘Meets With Chinese Government’ Amidst Sanctions

Micron chief executive Sanjay Mehrotra reportedly meets with China's Ministry of Commerce after national security ban on its products

11 months ago

China Bans Micron From Key Infrastructure

China internet regulator finds Micron products pose 'major security risk', amidst growing tensions with US

1 year ago

US Urges South Korea Not To Fill Micron Shortfall In China

US urges South Korea to tell companies not to make up for Micron exports to China if company is banned…

1 year ago

Micron To Axe 10 Percent Of Staff, Amid Heavy Fab Spending

As it spends billions of dollars building new chip plants in the US, Micron confirms it will axe 10 percent…

1 year ago

Micron To Spend Up To $100 Billion To Build New York Chip Fab

White House welcomes news that new chip “megafab” costing up to $100bn will be constructed in New York by Micron…

2 years ago

Micron Breaks Ground For $15bn US Memory Chip Plant

Micron breaks ground for $15bn memory chip plant as part of $40bn US investment fuelled by $52bn Chips and Science…

2 years ago

China Finds ‘Massive Evidence’ Of DRAM Price-Fixing

The country's anti-monopoly agency has made 'important progress' in its probe into Samsung, Hynix and Micron, which control up to…

6 years ago

Chinese Memory Start-Up Caught In Crossfire Of US-China Trade War

Fujian Jinhua, intended as a major competitor to Micron, Samsung and Hynix in the memory market, has denied stealing trade…

6 years ago

US Bans Exports To Chinese Chip Firm Fujian Jinhua

Trade wars or national security? US government places Chinese chip firm on export ban list amid allegations of IP theft

6 years ago

Intel Launches Line Of Super-Fast Optane SSD Cards

The Optane memory technology is significantly faster than NAND flash, with features aimed to please cloud operators

7 years ago

SanDisk In Merger Talks With Western Digital, Micron

SanDisk is reportedly approached by two rivals as IT and cloud consolidation continues

9 years ago

Intel And Micron Reveal ‘Revolutionary’ 3D XPoint Memory Technology

Data powerhouses are calling 3D XPoint the latest category of memory since NAND was introduced in 1989

9 years ago

Seagate And Micron Sign SSD Deal

Firms join forces to strengthen positions in next-generation SAS SSDs and NAND flash memory

9 years ago

Micron Reveals New Parallel Processing Architecture

A new computing architecture from Micron will outperform rival CPUs when dealing with unstructured data

11 years ago

Micron To Acquire Elpida Memory For $750m

The deal will double Micron's DRAM chip production capacity, while adding Elpida's smartphone and tablet chips to its portfolio

12 years ago

Micron Introduces First Enterprise 2.5-inch PCIe SSD

The PCIe interface on a hot-swappable 2.5-inch card gives data centre administrators a high-speed option for storage servers

12 years ago

Micron Technology Appoints Mark Durcan As CEO

Previous president and chief operating officer of Micron will take over in the wake of Steve Appleton's death last Friday

12 years ago

Elpida Touts ReRAM As Possible DRAM Replacement

ReRAM, a new memory chip prototype, has been developed to be fast as DRAM but able to retain data when…

12 years ago

Micron Readies Stacks Of IBM 3D Memory Chips

Production has begun on Micron's implementation of IBM's speedy, greener, 3D chip architecture

13 years ago

Rambus Loses Suit Against Tech Rivals

A business model based on litigation is risky - Rambus loses more than half its stock value

13 years ago

Intel And Micron Flash Memory Gets Even Smaller

Latest 8GB chip brings high capacity to smallest-yet form factor for tablets, smartphones and other devices

13 years ago