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OpenAI Issues Public Rebuttal To Elon Musk Lawsuit

Skewered? OpenAI seeks to dismiss them Elon Musk's lawsuit claims, countering his allegations with his own words within his own…

2 months ago

Google Hit With $2.3bn Lawsuit Over Digital Ad Losses

European publishers sue Google for billions, over alleged financial losses due to Google's digital advertising practices

3 months ago

New York City Sues Social Media Firms Over Youth Mental Health

Cash grab or genuine? Social media firms face lawsuit from New York over a mental health crisis among young people

3 months ago

New York Times Sues Microsoft, OpenAI Over AI Training

The New York Times (NYT) has sued both OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging copyright infringement of its news content. The NYT…

5 months ago

Meta Sued By US States Over Harm To Children

Dozens of US states sue Meta Platforms, alleging Instagram and Facebook are harming children's mental health

7 months ago

Google Maps Sued After Father Drives Off Collapsed Bridge

Google sued by family after father was allegedly directed by Google Maps off collapsed US bridge and to his death

8 months ago

Amazon Challenges EU ‘Gatekeeper’ Designation

E-commerce giant Amazon pushes back against European listing it as an online gatekeeper, subjecting it to new laws

10 months ago

Twitter Threatens Lawsuit Over Threads App

Round two? Twitter threatens to sue Meta over Threads app, as Elon Musk says “competition is fine, cheating is not”

11 months ago

Twitter Sued Over Unpaid Staff Bonuses

More paperwork for Elon Musk's lawyers, after yet another lawsuit filed against Twitter alleging failure to pay staff bonuses

11 months ago

Twitter Sued By Janitors, As Musk Meets Chinese Officials

As Elon Musk jets into China to meet government officials, Twitter is sued by fired cleaning staff at its offices…

12 months ago

GlobalFoundries Sues IBM, Again

IBM sued by GlobalFoundries, which alleges that Big Blue made unlawful disclosures to Intel, the Japanese consortium Rapidus and others

1 year ago

Arm Sues Qualcomm And Nuvia Unit For Licence Infringement

British chip designer Arm Holdings accuses Qualcomm and Nuvia of trademark infringement and breaching certain licence agreements

2 years ago

Elon Musk Sells Tesla Shares Worth $6.9 Billion

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admits he could need the funds if he loses legal showdown with Twitter and is forced…

2 years ago

Lawsuit Alleges Antitrust Issues Over Apple Pay

Payment card issuer accuses Apple of abusing its market domination to thwart competition for its Apple Pay mobile wallet

2 years ago

Twitter Board Vows To Pursue Musk, Who Mocks Legal Threat

Twitter's board of diectors vows to pursue legal action against former suitor Elon Musk, who responds with openly mocking memes

2 years ago

IBM Ordered To Turn Over Ginny Rometty Emails In Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue ordered to hand over internal emails of former CEO Ginny Rometty and IBM executives, which discuss efforts to…

2 years ago

Amazon Takes Legal Action Against Fake Review Brokers

Amazon takes legal action against four firms it says brokered false reviews en masse, as government promises stronger consumer protections

2 years ago