law enforcement

Data Sharing ‘Cloud Act’ Starts Between US, UK

Data sharing agreement will allow both UK, US law enforcement to request data from each other's Internet Service Providers

2 years ago

Google Hands Over Data To Hong Kong Authorities – Report

Despite pledging to halt data transfers due to a repressive security law in Hong Kong, Google reportedly has handed over…

3 years ago

Facebook Rolls Out Disappearing WhatsApp Photos, Videos

Snapchat challenge as new WhatsApp feature is rolled out that allows photos and videos to disappear once they have been…

3 years ago

Amazon Extends Police Ban On Facial Recognition

With the deadline of its one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software fast approaching, Amazon makes ban…

3 years ago

Signal Hacks Cellebrite Phone Hacking Kit

Sweet revenge? Signal said it has hacked the phone hacking kit from Cellebrite, used by law enforcement to access mobile…

3 years ago

US Senators Threaten Tech Firms With Encryption Regulation

Give law enforcement access to encryption or we will regulate the technology, US Senators threaten tech firms Facebook and Apple

5 years ago

Amazon Urges ‘Transparency’ In Law Enforcement Use Of Face Recognition

Amazon's AWS and others face a backlash against the use of AI-powered face identification tools, with privacy groups saying they…

5 years ago

Apple Disables iPhone Encryption Workaround Used By Cops

Apple said the move was not specifically aimed at frustrating law enforcement's efforts to convict criminals

6 years ago

Police Figures Cite Cybercrime, Digital Data As Top Concern

An exponential surge in data and a decentralised structure are making cyber-policing increasingly difficult

6 years ago

Proposal Gives EU Judges Power To Demand Data Across Borders

The 'e-evidence' law would force tech firms to hand over data within as little as six hours

6 years ago

US Government Contractor Cellebrite ‘Can Unlock Latest iPhones’

Even the most recent iOS gadgets and software may not be safe from prying eyes, according to claims by Israel-based…

6 years ago

Authorities Take Down Dark Web’s Biggest Criminal Marketplace

AlphaBay and Hansa were together responsible for the trading of hundreds of thousands of illegal commodities

7 years ago

EU Aims To Give Police Easier Access To Cloud Data

European Union seeks to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to obtain cloud data from tech firms

7 years ago

Home Office Consultation Focuses On Biometric Law Enforcement Devices

The consultation aims to engage with industry ahead of planned procurement for police fingerprint devices, software and frontline systems

7 years ago

Facebook Policy Bans Use Of Data For ‘Surveillance’

Facebook now restricts developers from using data for surveillance purposes, after police were found to be using the data to…

7 years ago

ENISA: Encryption Back-Doors ‘Not A Solution’

EU security body concludes government-mandated backdoors would make legitimate services less secure and harm law enforcement

8 years ago

US, UK Spy Agencies ‘Plan Cross-Border Data Sharing Deal’

The tentative agreement would reportedly allow UK authorities to gather data from US communications firms, and vice-versa

8 years ago

Apple: Investigatory Powers Bill Would ‘Weaken Security’

The controversial surveillance bill would put users' communications at risk from hackers, Apple has argued in a submission to Parliament

9 years ago

New York DA Targets Smartphone Encryption

Manhattan District Attorney on collision course with tech giants after call for weaker encryption

9 years ago

Microsoft Azure Fires Shots At AWS With Taser Customer Win

TASER will integrate and Axon camera systems with Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Windows 10 devices

9 years ago

US Tech Firms Warn Obama To Back Off Encryption

Open letter to President Obama highlights tech opposition to efforts to weaken encryption systems

9 years ago

EU and US Edge Closer To Data Sharing Agreement

Europe and the US close to data-sharing agreement for security and law enforcement purposes

9 years ago

FBI Seeks New Powers To Hack And Spy

The FBI proposes "rules of engagement" change to allow it to hack into any computer in the world

10 years ago

Europol Busts Credit Card Fraud Ring With 44 Arrests

Body says 36,000 bank customers were affected by the illegal operation

11 years ago

Privacy Campaigners Call On Microsoft For Skype Transparency

Post-Microsoft acquisition changes continue to pique privacy advocate interest in Skype

12 years ago

How Facebook’s Paedophile Blocking Can Backfire

Facebook's blocking system is flawed, but linguistic and behavioural software can fix it, argues Tom Brewster

12 years ago

Internet Firms Row Over Criminal Websites

Talks over an official policy on "fraudulent" Website suspensions have stalled

13 years ago