Kaspersky Denies It Is Security Risk, After US Sales Banned By Biden

Biden Administration bans sales of Kaspersky software in the US due to links to Russia, but Moscow-based firm says it…

3 weeks ago

Hackers Steal Documents From Defence Companies

Dozens of military-connected companies and public bodies compromised in series of attacks by China-based hackers, researchers say

2 years ago

Stealthy CosmicStrand Rootkit Infects PC Firmware

CosmicStrand rootkit found in UEFI firmware of computer systems of private individuals has evaded detection since end of 2016, say…

2 years ago

US ‘Elevates Security Probe’ Into Kaspersky Lab

US presidential administration pushed Commerce Department to give higher priority to national security probe of Kaspersky Lab after Ukraine invasion,…

2 years ago

WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Messages – Report

Concern raised again about how secure messages are on WhatsApp, after it emerges moderators can access messages if a complaint…

3 years ago

Amazon Ring Logs All Doorbell And App Interactions

Privacy issue emerges as Amazon confirms it logs records of every motion detected by installed Ring doorbells, and interactions with…

4 years ago

Amazon Promoted Webcams Vulnerable To Hackers, Warns Which?

Cheap home security cameras, webcams and baby monitors, promoted by Amazon, are riddled with security flaws

5 years ago

Many Consumers Still Use Unsupported Operating Systems – Kaspersky

The long goodbye. Many consumers can't bear to say goodbye to Windows XP or Windows Vista, Kaspersky finds

5 years ago

Most Industrial Cyber Incidents Down To Human Error – Kaspersky

Pesky humans are responsible for half of cybersecurity incidents in industrial networks, Kaspersky warns

5 years ago

Financial Malware Attacks On The Rise, Warns Kaspersky

Consumers are increasingly being targetted by financial malware, alarming new research shows

5 years ago

UK ‘Particularly Vulnerable’ To Cyber Attack, MPs Warn

Public Accounts Committee report warns that the UK is extremely vulnerable due to its advanced digital economy

5 years ago

Newly Discovered Android Malware Physically Wrecks Phones

The Loapi malware, which poses as adult or security apps, runs processor-intensive scams that can cause a phone to overheat…

7 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Challenges US Government Security Ban

The DHS' September order prohibited Kaspersky Lab's products, including its popular antivirus, on civilian government networks

7 years ago

US Law Bans Kaspersky Security Products From Government Systems

US government passes law that bans government agencies from using Kaspersky Lab security tools

7 years ago

Kaspersky Opens Source Code For Independent Probing To Combat Spying Allegations

The cyber security firm is looking to win back trust in its products

7 years ago

Russian Hackers ‘Used Antivirus Software’ To Steal NSA Data

Kaspersky rejects claims it was directly involved and asks why didn't the NSA report the alleged flaw

7 years ago

Misconfiguration Exposes Industrial Systems To ‘Accidental’ Cyber-Attacks

Configuration issues left industrial control systems exposed to disruption by the WannaCry and NotPetya worms earlier this year, finds Kaspersky…

7 years ago

Best Buy Drops Kaspersky Lab Products Amidst National Security Concerns

The move follows US government allegations that Kaspersky Lab's products could be used to carry out 'nefarious activities against the…

7 years ago

FBI ‘Advises’ US Companies To Drop Kaspersky Security Products

In private briefings, the FBI is reportedly advising US energy and technology firms to cut their ties with Kaspersky over…

7 years ago

Shadow Brokers Exploit Kits Are A Malware ‘Game Changer’

Kaspersky Labs researchers say wide availability of exploit packages in-the-wild is a 'game changer' in 'unrelenting' cyber threat

7 years ago

Kaspersky Lab To Withdraw Microsoft Antitrust Complaint

Kaspersky antitrust complaint to be withdrawn after Microsoft agrees changes for Windows users

7 years ago

Experts Warn Of Rise In ‘Steganography’ Attacks Using Code Hidden In Dodgy Images

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs note rise in steganography techniques, which are difficult to detect, but claim protection will improve

7 years ago

US Congress Asks Agencies For Kaspersky Labs Documents

Fears over spying for Russia have prompted the probe which Kaspersky vehemently denies

7 years ago

Kaspersky Free Antivirus Software Arrives In The UK In October

Kaspersky celebrates 20th birthday by releasing free antivirus it claims will boost the protection of all customers

7 years ago

US Senate Considers Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Ban For Military

American lawmakers to consider banning Kaspersky Lab products due to Russia espionage concerns

7 years ago

NotPetya: Ransomware Spread, WannaCry Relation, And The Story So Far

ANALYSIS: The spreading cyber attack appears to be more about chaos than money-making

7 years ago

Microsoft Admits Disabling Windows 10 Anti-Virus

Redmond did temporarily switch off third party anti-virus products for Windows 10, the firm admits

7 years ago

Kaspersky To EU: Microsoft ‘Abuses’ Dominant Cybersecurity Position With Windows 10

Kaspersky Labs complains to the EU, claiming Microsoft deliberately obstructs third party vendors to the detriment of users and security

7 years ago