Google Agrees To Pay Canadian News Publishers

Agreement with Canadian government will see Google pay local news publishers $73 million a year. Meta dispute however, continues

6 months ago

Elon Musk To Axe Headlines From News Links On Twitter

Publisher impact, as Elon Musk personally orders removal of headlines in news link articles found on Twitter/X

9 months ago

Meta Warns It May Pull News Content In California

Proposed California legislation to require online platforms to pay news publishers, but Meta says it may withdraw news in its…

12 months ago

Twitter Suspends Journalists Over Elon Musk Jet Tracking Articles

Twitter accounts of a number of high profile journalists have been suspended after covering the Elon Musk jet tracking story

1 year ago

Labour Proposes Tax On Tech Giants To Boost Media Independence

A 'digital licence fee' paid for by the biggest tech firms could help fund investigative, public interest journalism, Jeremy Corbyn…

6 years ago

South China Morning Post Purchase Is Perfect For An Alibaba That Wants To Go Global

Alibaba can only benefit from a better portrayal of Chinese business in the West

8 years ago