Google Play

Google Sues Alleged Crypto Scammers

Google sues two alleged scammers who uploaded 87 different fraudulent apps to Play Store to support romance fraud

3 months ago

Alphabet Tentatively Settles US Google Play Store Antitrust Probe – Report

Tentative settlement reached between US states and Alphabet over Google Play Store domination of Android market

10 months ago

Judge Looks To Decertify Google Play Class-Action Lawsuit

US federal judge says class-action lawsuit targeting Google Play should be decertified, amidst broader antitrust fight

11 months ago

Apple Releases ‘Tracker Detect’ For Android AirTag Detection

Preventing AirTag stalking? 'Tracker Detect' app lets Android users search for nearby active trackers such as Apple's AirTag

3 years ago

One In Six Android Phones In Developing Markets Infected

Mobile specialist Upstream warns large percentage of Android phones in developing markets infected with malware, due to a number of…

3 years ago

Popular Barcode Scanner App Transforms Into Adware

Malwarebytes issues warning, after update to a popular barcode scanning app on Google Play, transforms it into adware pusher

3 years ago

US States Investigating Google App Store Practices

Group of US states may hit Google with fourth government antitrust lawsuit, this time focusing on allegedly anti-competitive practices in…

3 years ago

Android Hit By ‘Incredibly Sophisticated’ Malware

Malware found on Google Play looks innocent at first, then downloads additional capabilities that allow it to take over targeted…

4 years ago

WhatsApp Reaches 5 Billion Downloads On Play Store

Facebook's messaging service has hit 5 billion downloads, amid reports that it has backed off plans to insert adverts into…

4 years ago

Study Finds ‘Systemic’ Mobile Financial App Insecurity

Tools including retail banking apps fail to take appropriate precautions to stop their software and systems from being hacked, researchers…

5 years ago

Google Phases Out Android Pay, Introduces ‘Google Pay’

Google Pay will combine Google's multiple payment applications, allowing users to make transactions with their device or online

6 years ago

BankBot Malware Slips Into Google Play Yet Again

The banking Trojan, which imitates real banking apps to steal users' login details, has been reported on Google Play several…

7 years ago

ESET Detects More Malicious Apps On Google Play

Not again. Google Play found to host malicious Android apps that seem legitimate, but install a mobile banking trojan

7 years ago

Fake WhatsApp Downloaded More Than 1m Times From Google Play

The fraudulent developer managed identify themselves as 'WhatsApp Inc.' on Google Play, bypassing the company's filters

7 years ago

Android Ransomware Impersonates ‘King Of Glory’ Game

The ransomware encrypts the Android device's files and then displays a ransom message imitating the notorious WannaCry malware

7 years ago

Researchers Demonstrate Android ‘Cloak And Dagger’ Attacks

The attacks use 'design shortcomings' in Android to silently take over devices and steal credentials, say Georgia Tech and UC…

7 years ago

Millions Of Android Devices ‘Covertly Listening For Audio Beacons’

More than 200 apps on Google Play contain code that listens for ultrasonic beacons in order to identify users across…

7 years ago

FalseGuide Malware Infects Millions Of Android Devices

Face palm for Google's security screening. Source of FalseGuide adware is none other than Google Play store

7 years ago

PayPal And Bitcoin Scamming Fake Android Apps Discovered On Google Play Store

The apps attempt to comprise PayPal and Paxful accounts via scamming users

7 years ago

Fake Google Play Minecraft Apps Flood Users With Scams And Ads

87 fake Minecraft apps have been discovered, with a combined total of 990,000 installs

7 years ago

Charger Ransomware Found On Google Play Store

Android security woes continue. New ransomware found on Google Play store by Check Point researchers

7 years ago

DressCode Malware Infects Hundreds Of Google Play Apps

The malware could allow hackers to bypass corporate firewalls, according to Trend Micro

8 years ago

Google Play CallJam Malware Infects Half A Million Users

The CallJam malware achieved a high ranking through deception while raking in funds through premium-rate calls

8 years ago

Fake FIFA Apps Highlight Malware Concerns Ahead Of Euro 2016

Researchers find pretend FIFA apps full of adware on Google Play Store amid fears Euro 2016 could trick more people…

8 years ago

Google Pulls Taliban-Supporting Mobile App From Google Play

App spreading Taliban propaganda was live for two days before Google noticed its error and removed it

8 years ago

Updated News Republic App Launches On Google Play With Improved Social Features

New Republic news aggregator says it listened to user feedback, and improved app performance and functionality

8 years ago

Google Pulls Samsung Ad Blocking App From Play Store

Ad blocking app for Samsung phones pulled from Google's Play Store for breach of terms and conditions

8 years ago

Google Play Will Warn Against Ad-Supported Apps

Google continues to add new features to its app marketplace following in-app purchase guidance warnings

9 years ago

InstaAgent Removed From iTunes, Google Play For Data Theft

Top ranking Instagram client removed from iTunes and Google Play after user data theft discovery

9 years ago