Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge Overtakes Firefox On Desktops

Worrying development for Mozilla Foundation, as user numbers of the Firefox browser on desktop shrinks, allowing Microsoft Edge to overtake…

8 months ago

Google And Symantec Clash Over Certificate ‘Failures’

Search engine giant reduces trust level in Symantec-certificates, but security firm slams Google's “misleading” claims

5 years ago

Chrome Extension Allows Users To Share Browsing History With Friends And Public

MIT researchers build web history-sharing platform to learn more about browsing habits and give users an idea of what information…

6 years ago

Incognito Bug Reveals All Your Private Browsing Secrets

Unwelcome flaw could display your darkest secrets when you’re least expecting it

6 years ago

Google Looks To Make Surfing The Web A Little Brighter For Colour Blindness Sufferers

Chrome extension makes it easier for those with sight impairments to experience the web

7 years ago

Chrome Browser To Drop Old Netscape Plug-Ins

Google is to drop old Netscape plug-ins from its Chrome web browser in order to improve stability

8 years ago

Chrome Browser Reaches Fifth Birthday Milestone

In just five years, Google's Chrome browser has gained a 41.4 percent share of the global browser market

8 years ago

Google And Vidyo Partner For Browser WebRTC Video

Google and Vidyo work together to improve video quality within browsers that have WebRTC capabilities

8 years ago

Google Updates Chrome Operating System

Google has made a number of improvements to its Chrome OS after it issued a new update

8 years ago

Google Enhances Chrome Developer Tools

To make life for developers a little bit easier, Google has added three new tools to Chrome DevTools

8 years ago

Google Updates Chrome Browser 27, Chrome OS

Google has updated its Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system with security fixes and improvements

8 years ago

AMD Breaks With Microsoft And Looks To Android, Chrome

AMD processors currently run on Windows, but will reportedly in future also run on Google's Chrome and Android

8 years ago

Chrome Browser 27 Offers Verbal Search Option

Chrome users can now verbally ask their browser to do their web searches after Google released Chrome 27

9 years ago

Google Drops WebKit Rendering For Chrome, Opts For Blink

Google is dropping its involvement with the WebKit rendering engine to focus on its own open source alternative

9 years ago

Chrome 26 Beta Adds Context-Aware Spelling

Google adds an improved spellchecker, coupled with more language support, to its new Chrome browser beta

9 years ago

Chrome Browser Update Offers Speech Recognition Support

Google's new Chrome browser is now available for download and includes voice-recognition capabilities

9 years ago

Chrome OS 25 Delayed For Samsung Chromebooks

Samsung Chromebook users will have to wait for version 25 of the Google Chrome operating system

9 years ago

HP, Acer To Boost Chromebooks After ‘Disappointing’ Windows 8

HP and Acer are reportedly looking to increase their Chrome OS laptop push after slow Windows 8 sales

9 years ago

Google To Offer Rewards For Chrome OS Hacks

Google has begun a competition offering more than £2m in prize money for those that can hack its Chrome OS

9 years ago

Google Renames Chrome Productivity Apps

Google has quietly renamed its business productivity apps and better integrated them for Chromebook users

9 years ago

Google Targets Gaming With Chrome 22 Browser

Google had made available its Chrome 22 browser that boasts improvements for computer game players

9 years ago

Chrome Browser Celebrates Fourth Birthday

Google's increasingly popular Chrome Web browser has now celebrated its fourth birthday

9 years ago

Google Adds Retina Display To Chrome Browser

Google has included bug fixes and support for Apple's Retina display in version 21 of the Chrome Browser

9 years ago

Google Adds Offline Docs To Chrome OS 20

Google is including offline Google Docs and Google Drive support in the lastest version of Chrome OS

9 years ago

Google Chrome And Drive Released For iOS

Google's browser and cloud storage service now available on iPhone and iPad

9 years ago

Samsung Launches New Chrome Machines

Samsung has launched two new Chrome machines, including a faster laptop and desktop unit

10 years ago

Google Plugs 20 Chrome Security Vulnerabilities

Google has fixed 20 security flaws for the Chrome browser, and also offered up a new tab-synchronisation feature

10 years ago

Google Chrome Tabs Moves Across Multiple Devices

Google Chrome web browser users can transfer their browsing session to whatever device they are using

10 years ago

Google Touts Safe Browsing With Chrome 17

Google has released the stable version of its Chrome 17 web browser after handing over £6,627 in bug bounties

10 years ago

Google Demotes Chrome For Sponsored Link Gaffe

Google has demoted its own browser's page ranking for violating its rules on paid links

10 years ago