No Drone At Gatwick, Claims Former Drone Executive

There was no drone? Doubt cast on repeated drone sightings that closed Gatwick airport for days during the Christmas period…

3 years ago

Near Miss With Drone At Gatwick Airport

Rogue drone came within 20m (65ft) of a passenger plane as it flew in to Gatwick Airport in July

5 years ago

Gatwick Drone Operators Had ‘Detailed Knowledge’ Of Airport

Inside job. Suspicion grows that drone operators who shut down Gatwick airport had inside knowledge

5 years ago

Gatwick Airport To Use Facial Recognition For Boarding

Gatwick to become first British airport to use facial recognition for passenger boarding without checks

5 years ago

BT Launches Counter Drone Solution

Worried about intruding drones? BT has the answer after it launches its Counter Drone Solution

5 years ago

Gatwick Drone Attack ‘May Have Been Inside Job’

Gatwick officials say the attacker had knowledge of airport procedures and may have monitored its communications networks

5 years ago

Government ‘Can Now Deploy Drone Detection Systems Throughout The UK’

Ministers say unidentified systems have been readied to prevent further chaos of the kind that struck Gatwick last week

6 years ago

Drone Shutdown Of Gatwick Airport Ends As Runway Reopens

Chaos at UK's second busiest airport eases as Gatwick reopens runaway after prolific drone disruption

6 years ago

Gatwick Opens Data Up To Developers For International Airport Hackathon

The developers will use the data to improve airport experiences for passengers

7 years ago

British Airways IT Systems Glitch Causes Bank Holiday Flight Chaos

Inquest begins after BA aimed to run all flights from Gatwick and most from Heathrow on Monday

7 years ago