Openreach Reveals New Destinations In Full Fibre Build Update

Fibre to the premise deployment reaches 11.5 homes, as Openreach announces another 19 locations that includes 200,000 homes and businesses

9 months ago

Openreach Saves £10m, Extends FTTP Rollout Via ‘Subtended Headends’

Use of Subtended Headends helps Openreach extend its fibre to the premise (FTTP) rollout in more difficult and remote locations

10 months ago

European Commission Approves French Fibre Acquisition

Altice/SFR gets the go-ahead to buy wholesale rival Covage, but will spin off its fibre-to-the-office operations into an independent unit

3 years ago

Broadband: Could We Really Afford FTTH?

Britain's superfast broadband should take fibre to the home, says FTTH Europe Council's Nadia Babaali. But how would she pay…

12 years ago

Google To Patent Fibre Optic Cable Deployment Method

The “edging strip” could make fibre-to-the-home installation simpler by removing needed to dig trenches in customers' gardens

12 years ago

UK Misses Out In World Fibre Rankings

The UK has still not entered the worldwide rankings for fibre-optic broadband deployments, while Asia and the US surge ahead

12 years ago

TalkTalk Boss Slams BT Fibre ‘Monopoly’

Government support could give BT a monopoly, warns TalkTalk boss

13 years ago

Dundee’s Sewers To Carry Fibre Network

Fibrecity could offer all Dundee residents fibre broadband, using the sewer system

14 years ago