Amazon Given FAA Clearance To Expand Drone Deliveries

US aviation regulator grants approval for Amazon to expand its drone delivery service beyond 'visual line of sight'

2 weeks ago

US FAA Grounds Contractors Involved In Computer Outage

American aviation regulator withdraws system access from contractors involved in computer outage that halted American flights

1 year ago

US Grounds Flights After FAA System Outage

Widespread aviation disruption in the United States after Federal Aviation Administration pilot safety system goes offline

1 year ago

YouTuber Deliberately Crashed Plane For Views, FAA Rules

How far will you go for views? FAA says YouTuber intentionally parachuted out and filmed his own aeroplane crashing into…

2 years ago

FAA Agrees To Switch On More 5G Towers And Masts

Seeing sense? American aviation regulator FAA allows Verizon and AT&T to switch on more 5G towers and mobile masts near…

2 years ago

Airport 5G Towers Switched Off In Temporary Aviation Compromise

AT&T and Verizon agree to temporarily switch off 5G towers near certain airports, as operators and FCC hit out at…

2 years ago

US Operators Delay 5G Rollout, Amid Aviation Concerns

Win for scaremongering? US mobile operators AT&T and Verizon agree delay to 5G networks by two weeks after aviation campaign

2 years ago

Airbus, Boeing CEOs Call For Delay In US 5G Service

Fearmongering? Bosses of world's two largest aeroplane manufacturers urge US to delay 5G switch on, citing interference concerns for aircraft…

2 years ago

Air Safety Regulators Voice ‘Deep Concern’ Over 5G Interference

US air-safety regulators say they share industry's 'deep concern' over rule change that allows commercial use of 5G C-band spectrum…

3 years ago

FAA Grounds Virgin Galactic Pending Flight Deviation Report

US Federal Aviation Administration grounds Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo amidst probe into shallower-than-expected flight path of July rocket trip into space

3 years ago

US Congress Probes ‘Risky’ SpaceX Launch

US Congress says it is investigating regulators' handling of SpaceX flight that violated safety rules and other launches that 'raise…

3 years ago

US To Permit Drone Operations Over Homes, Plus Night Flights

Significant development in the US for the future of drone operations will allow flights over homes, and operations at night

3 years ago

Drone Industry Up In Arms Over ‘Remote ID’ Regulations

US regulator proposes 'digital licence plate' for drones, but critics say regulations would be expensive and complex to implement

4 years ago

Drone Ban Ordered For US Super Bowl

FAA creates 32 mile exclusion zone for drones around the stadium hosting the American Super Bowl

8 years ago

Two Flights Have Run-Ins With Drones At New York JFK

Planes twice come within several hundred metres of collision with UAVs, according to FAA report

9 years ago

Amazon Gains Federal Approval For Drone Tests

Chocks away! Amazon drone testing gets an official thumbs up from American aviation authorities

9 years ago

FAA Toughens Stance In Drone Row

The US aviation regulator says no one has given Amazon permission to fly delivery drones

10 years ago

Los Angeles Air Traffic System Collapsed Due To A Computer Glitch

Air traffic controllers had to use pens, paper and telephones to relay important information as the computer systems crashed due…

10 years ago

US Lawmakers Set To Relax E-Reader Rules On Flights

Passengers may be allowed to use certain devices during flight takeoffs and landings, under changes planned by the US' Federal…

11 years ago

New Regulations Ease Way To In-Flight Wi-Fi

Under new FCC rules airlines will be able to test in-flight Wi-Fi systems and get approval from the US' Federal…

11 years ago

US Lawmakers Review In-Flight Device Rules

US regulators want the Federal Aviation Administration to create more permissive rules for the use of portable electronic devices on…

12 years ago