Micron Notes DRAM Supply Hit After Taiwan Earthquake

Concerns realised. Memory maker Micron admits hit to DRAM supply following Taiwan's biggest earthquake in 25 years

2 months ago

Taiwan Earthquake Prompts Chip Supply Concerns

Chipmakers in Taiwan reportedly briefly suspend some production for inspections, after the island hit by 7.4-magnitude earthquake

3 months ago

Twitter Access Restored In Turkey After Earthquake Criticism

Service restored after Turkey restricted access to Twitter after criticism of government response to devastating earthquakes

1 year ago

Google, Skype Lead Efforts To Find And Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

As many as 10,000 could be dead following disaster

9 years ago

Google Issues Crisis-Response To Oklahoma Tornado

Google creates a crisis-response Web page to assist the tornado-devastated Oklahoma region

11 years ago

Tablet And e-Reader Boost For Semiconductor Sales

Tablet and e-reader demand blunts the impact of the Japanese disasters on the semiconductor industry

13 years ago

Gartner: Tsunami Failed To Dampen IT Sales

Despite the Japanese disasters, Gartner estimates global IT spending will jump to $3.7 trillion this year

13 years ago

Japan Disasters Will Not Hurt Chip Production

Intel and Qualcomm say their operations' geographical spread will insulate them from Japan's shortages

13 years ago

ITU Deploys Emergency Telecoms To Japan

The UN agency for ICT is providing emergency telecoms for victims of the Japan earthquake

13 years ago

Online Sales Of iPad 2 Offset, Japan Launch Held Back

Delays of up to five weeks for iPad 2 online oreders. Japan launch postponed following tsunami problems

13 years ago

How Did Japan’s Internet Service Survive?

Good planning and a “dense mesh” design kept the Internet intact in Japan despite the earthquake, says Wayne Rash

13 years ago

Japan Disaster Demonstrates Importance Of Backup

The Japan earthquake should serve as a wake-up call for IT managers about preparing for such events

13 years ago