Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Circular Economy

Learn how your business can adopt a circular economy approach to sustainability. Discover why sustainability must be at the core…

1 year ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: How Green is Your Tech Budget?

Learn why Managed Service Providers (MSPs) now need to demonstrate sustainability credentials to win some contracts. Discover why organisations are…

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COVID-19 And Your Quarantined Workforce

Remote working has now become a fact of life for many enterprises as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Is it possible…

4 years ago

NHS Doctors Sending Patient Data On Snapchat In Alarming Case Of Shadow IT

DeepMind Health report criticises 'insecure, risky, and non-auditable way of operating'

7 years ago

London City Airport Transforms Aviation With Digital Air Control Tower

Controllers will have access to high-definition viewing tools and real-time sensory data

7 years ago

Smart Factories Will Give $500bn Boost To Global Economy By 2022

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI and smart robotics will drive cost savings and improve efficiency

7 years ago

Government Urged To Push Back Tax Digitisation Plans

A Treasury Committee report finds the current timetable is unworkable

7 years ago

NAO: HMRC Digital Shift ‘Risks Losing Confidence’

The department was 'over-optimistic' about reducing staff in the transition to digital services

8 years ago

Lloyds Cuts Jobs Amidst New Digital Focus

Over 9,000 jobs will be slashed and 150 branches closed under new strategy

10 years ago