digital services tax

World Leaders Agree Corporation Tax Rate

Tax loophole finally closed? After years of talks, threats and tariffs, world leaders reach an historic agreement of 15 percent…

8 months ago

EU Halts Digital Tax Plan, Amid Ongoing OECD Effort

After G20 finance ministers agree to international corporate tax system of 15 percent, the EU puts its own digital tax…

11 months ago

US Sets, Then Suspends, 25 Percent Digital Tax Tariff On Six Countries

America sets, then suspends, a 25 percent import tariff on goods from six countries that have implemented a digital tax…

12 months ago

US Pushes Ahead With Tariff Threat Over UK Digital Tax

US Trade Representative says country will continue developing tariff measures against UK and other countries in retaliation for digital services…

1 year ago

Facebook To Pay France £96 Million In Back Taxes

France continues pursuit of back taxes from big name tech firms, after Facebook agrees to hand over £96 million to…

2 years ago

Spanish Lawmakers To Draft 3 Percent Digital Tax

More bad news for US-based tech businesses as Spanish lawmakers ready a draft law calling for a 3 percent tax…

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Backs Digital Tax, Despite US Opposition

Prime Minister defies US President Trump and insists British digital tax on US tech giants will proceed

2 years ago

Digital Tax Payback As US Vows Tax On Champagne, Cheese

Cheese, champagne, and handbags may be hit with punitive duties of up to 100% by the United States in response…

2 years ago

US Readies Response To French Tech Tax

US trade officials will on Monday reveal their proposed response to France's imposing a tax on mostly US tech firms…

2 years ago

US Tech Giants Testify Against French Digital Tax

Tax approved in July would disproportionately target US tech firms and would create a burden for consumers and enterprises, opponents…

3 years ago

President Trump Orders French Digital Tax Investigation

French plan to impose 3 percent tax on French revenue of large tech firms prompts US investigation

3 years ago

Global Tech Tax Rules To Be Agreed By 2020

Sorry Ireland. G20 finance ministers agree to close tax loopholes for tech firms by 2020

3 years ago

Germany Mulls Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Europe's largest economy considers imposing 'digital tax' on mostly US-based tech giants

3 years ago

Amazon Tax Pay Reignites Digital Tax Row

Tax dodging accusations fly as Amazon allegedly only paid £62m corporation tax over past 20 years

3 years ago

France, Germany Support EU Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Germans and French follow British lead and signal strong support of EU digital tax on tech giants

4 years ago

France, Germany Pull Back On Plans For Tax On US Digital Giants

Under a new compromise, the EU now aims to implement its 3 percent tax on large digital companies' revenues by…

4 years ago