Digital Divide

UK Is Ninth Best Country To Live Digitally

The UK has risen one place in Surfshark's Digital Quality of Life index, but is ranked 32nd globally for 'Internet…

2 years ago

Gigabyte Broadband Pledge At Risk, Warns Spending Watchdog

UK pledge to close the digital divide of broadband services for urban and rural customers is at risk, says Parliament's…

3 years ago

Government Failing To Close Digital Divide

Continuing digital divide between urban and rural areas is not being addressed by the government, committee warns

5 years ago

UK’s Slowest Streets For Broadband Named And Shamed

Speed tests collected by show small village near Wigan gets just 0.14Mbps download speed

6 years ago

Google Set To Trial ‘Project Loon’ In Sri Lanka

Google's balloon-based Internet access system is set to begin testing with end users across the South Asian island

8 years ago

Shh! 70 Libraries And Community Centres Get BT Wi-Fi To Tackle Digital Divide

BT and Barclays team up to help tackle digital divide by offering Wi-Fi and support to the 'heartbeat' of the…

9 years ago

Families Without Internet Miss Out On Childcare Tax Break

A Treasury minister has reportedly admitted that nearly 200,000 families are likely to face problems registering for the upcoming tax…

10 years ago

US Adults Opt Out Of Internet

One in five US adults do not use the Internet, many saying they don't go online because the technology is…

12 years ago

IBM’s Top 5 Innovations Will Change Your Life Within 5 Years

The 2011 predictions cover green power, mind-reading machines, desirable junk mail, DNA passwords, and digital profusion

13 years ago

Government Pushes Ahead With Rural Mobile Plans

The government has issued an official notice to suppliers on its plans to tackle rural mobile black-spots

13 years ago

Wales Gets £57m Broadband Injection

The UK government has given Welsh broadband a boost, with a cash allocation of nearly £57 million

13 years ago

Over-60s Struggle With Online Public Services

So-called 'silver surfers' are being left behind as local authorities move their services online

13 years ago

Surrey Council Seeks Tenders For Fibre Rollout

Surrey County Council is inviting bids to get the final 20 percent of its residents connected to fibre broadband

13 years ago

Eutelsat Launches Tooway Satellite Broadband Service

Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite went live today, delivering Tooway broadband to remote areas of Europe

13 years ago

Are Governments Over-Investing In Fibre?

Mobile and satellite operators reckon fibre is getting a leg-up at national level, but fibre broadband isn't always a winner,…

13 years ago

Government Opens Bidding For £50m Broadband Fund

Local authorities can now bid for a share of the £50 million released by government for broadband investment

13 years ago

EC Backs Europe-Wide ‘Get Online Week’

Councillor Neelie Kroes is targeting Internet virgins across the EU this week

13 years ago

Open Internet: The Devil Is In The Detail

Preserving the open nature of the Internet can be more complicated than it seems, says the Internet Society's Markus Kummer

13 years ago

Lane-Fox’s Race Online Scheme Pushes £98 PCs

The government's Race Online 2012 programme will offer PC and Internet packages for underserved users

14 years ago

Silver Surfers Are Growing, But Need More Help Online

Ofcom says the over-65s are gradually coming online, but charities want more help for the offline generation

14 years ago

Government To Publish Broadband Strategy

When the government promises "the best broadband in Europe" what does it mean? We'll know in December

14 years ago

UK Ranked 18th For Broadband

Developed countries are upgrading their copper broadband, while emerging economies leapfrog ahead on quality

14 years ago

Digital Divide Can Only Get Worse, Says Ovum

The government wants to narrow the digital divide between town and country but will its current approach bear fruit when…

14 years ago

Fox And Cameron Announce Bid To Get The Poor Online

Digital champion Martha Lane Fox and Prime Minister David Cameron plan to get the poorer elements of society off expensive…

14 years ago

Could Britain Lead The Digital Revolution?

Gordon Brown today laid out the government's strategy to transform Britain into a leading digital power, but contradictory measures in…

14 years ago

UK Government Promises Fast Broadband For All By 2020

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged superfast broadband for all by 2020, as well as an online platform to deliver…

14 years ago