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Facebook Rethinks Libra Digital Currency Plans – Report

Resistance from regulators around the world prompts Facebook to 'rethink' its plan for its Libra digital currency, it is reported

1 month ago

EU Regulator Asks Questions About Facebook’s Libra Currency – Report

Facebook's Libra questions from EU regulator concern use of customer data and anti-competitive issues

8 months ago

China Sovereign Digital Currency ‘Essentially Ready’

China is looking to issue a sovereign crypto-coin that could be used as an alternative to cash

8 months ago

Facebook Promises Congress It Will Address Libra Cryptocurrency Concerns

Company's comments follow criticism of Libra by US Treasury Secretary and Chairman of Federal Reserve amidst broader scepticism and hostility

9 months ago

Facebook To Face Senate Scrutiny Over Libra Digital Currency

Authorities react to Facebook's digital currency, as US Senate Banking Committee sets up to scrutinise it

10 months ago

Facebook Set To Launch ‘GlobalCoin’ Virtual Currency Next Year

But the social network faces tight regulatory scrutiny over its poor track record on protecting users' personal data

11 months ago

Bitcoin: The Future Currency Businesses Cannot Ignore

Bitcoin and blockchain technology can usher in a new way for businesses to carry out transactions; there will be challenges…

4 years ago

IT Life: Martyn Atkinson, Metro Bank

TechWeekEurope speaks to Metro Bank's digital director about his work challenges and how digital wallets are spicing up the banking…

4 years ago

AWS Partners With Digital Currency Group For Blockchain Cloud Testing

DCG companies will get to use AWS cloud environments for blockchain testing and developing

4 years ago

Skeptics Cast Doubt On Australian Craig Wright’s Claim To Be Bitcoin Creator

There is nothing concrete to suggest Australian computer researcher Craig Wright created Bitcoin, say critics

4 years ago