digital currencies

Judge Spares Jail Time For Parents Of TalkTalk Hacker

Suspended jail sentences for 'misguided' parents of TalkTalk hacker Elliott Gunton

1 year ago

EU Regulator Asks Questions About Facebook’s Libra Currency – Report

Facebook's Libra questions from EU regulator concern use of customer data and anti-competitive issues

2 years ago

Fed Boss Calls On Facebook To Halt Libra Digital Currency

Not so fast Mark. Chief of US Federal Reserve calls on Facebook to halt its Libra digital currency plans

2 years ago

Bitcoin Value Plunges After Christmas High

Bull run of the digital currency ends after sharp fall in value in Thursday trading

4 years ago

Bitcoin: The Future Currency Businesses Cannot Ignore

Bitcoin and blockchain technology can usher in a new way for businesses to carry out transactions; there will be challenges…

4 years ago