Scarlett Johansson ‘Shocked, Angered’ Over OpenAI’s Artificial Voice

OpenAI pulls synthetic voice released with an update to ChatGPT, amid complaint from actress Scarlett Johansson

3 days ago

TikTok To Label AI-Generated Content From Other Platforms

AI-generated content such as video and images are going to be labelled by TikTok using the Content Credentials digital watermark

2 weeks ago

Creating Deepfake Porn Without Consent To Become A Crime

People who create sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of adults will face prosecution under a new law in England and Wales

1 month ago

Open Letter Urges AI Deepfake Regulation

AI godfather and others sign open letter warning of risk to society from AI deepfakes, and urge more regulation

3 months ago

UK NCSC Warns Of Significant Threat To Critical Infrastructure

Annual review from National Cyber Security Centre warns of threat posed by state-aligned actors from Russia, China and Iran

6 months ago

AI Firms Agree Safeguards, Including Watermarks For AI Content

White House says AI firms including OpenAI, Google and others have agreed voluntary AI safeguards that includes use of watermarks

10 months ago

FCA CEO Warns Of AI Disruption To Financial Services Sector

Head of financial regulator warns of threat posed by AI for online fraud and cyber risk, as UK seeks leadership…

11 months ago

TikTok Sister Site Douyin Mandates Labels For AI Content

TikTok's Chinese sister platform Douyin publishes new rules mandating labels for AI-generated content, as sector faces increasing regulation

1 year ago

Amazon Reveals Alexa Option To Mimic Any Person’s Voice

Bereavement aid for those in mourning? Amazon's Alexa voice assistant could be programmed to sound like a deceased loved one

2 years ago

Facebook, YouTube Remove Zelensky Deepfake Video

More dirty tricks from Putin? Tech platforms remove deepfake video of Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky calling for surrender

2 years ago

Microsoft Offers Deepfake Detection Tool

Effort to combat disinformation campaigns sees Microsoft offer software tool to help identify deepfake photos and videos ahead of US…

4 years ago

Facebook To Remove Deepfake Videos, If It Meets Certain Criteria

U-turn at Facebook? Social network confirms it will remove some videos modified by artificial intelligence, known as deepfakes

4 years ago

US Military Backs Research Into AI ‘Common Sense’

The Defence Department's Darpa agency wants machines that can adapt to their environment and are better at spotting counterfeit imagery

6 years ago