New Zealand Banks, Post Offices Downed By DDoS Attack

Websites belonging to the national postal service and banks in New Zealand, have been knocked offline on Wednesday in an…

3 months ago

Fancy Lazarus DDoS Extortion Group Back With New Campaign

Warning from Link11, after it notices sharp increase in ransom focused distributed denial of service (RDDoS or RDoS) attacks

6 months ago

Ransom-Fuelled DDoS Attacks ‘Surged’ In 2020

Security firm Neustar sees DDoS attacks more than double in 2020, with ransom demands spreading to finance, government, energy sectors

10 months ago

Google Discloses Biggest-Ever DDoS Attack

Google says it successfully fended off a 2.5 Tbps denial-of-service attack in 2017, making it the biggest such attack to…

1 year ago

Flightradar24 Suffers Repeated Cyberattacks

Popular aviation website Flightradar24 admits three cyberattacks in a two day period, after services knocked offline for hours

1 year ago

New Zealand Calls In Spy Agency To Deal With Exchange Attacks

New Zealand has called in its GCSB intelligence agency to work with the country's stock exchange after denial-of-service attacks continued…

1 year ago

Musk Confirms ‘Serious Attack’ On Tesla By Russian Hackers

You couldn't make it up. Russian hacker arrested for offering Tesla worker $1 million to install specifically-designed malware onto car…

1 year ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Restored After Four Day DDoS Attack

NSX stock exchange in New Zealand restored after being offline for four days, due to a prolonged DDoS cyberattack from…

1 year ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Suffers DDoS Cyberattack

Dress rehearsal for attack on larger exchange? Two days outage for New Zealand's NZX, following 'offshore' DDoS cyberattack

1 year ago

Amazon Records Record 2.3Tbps Denial-Of-Service Attack

Amazon says its AWS Shield mitigated a DDoS attack peaking at 2.3Tbps, far larger than previous assaults, amidst increasing cloud…

1 year ago

Dutch Police Shut Down DDoS Services

As people around the world turn to online services during the pandemic, hackers seek profits from denial-of-service and ransomware attacks

2 years ago

Microsoft And Others Takedown Botnet Necurs

One of the world's largest botnets that was responsible for multiple scams and infected over nine million computers, has been…

2 years ago

Wikipedia Website Knocked Offline By DDoS Attack

Outage for Wikipedia website last week after DDoS attack on the online encyclopaedia

2 years ago

Small-scale DDoS Attacks On The Rise – Neustar

Under the radar small-scale DDoS attacks have risen significantly, but the ability of companies to identify attacks remains a concern

2 years ago

Far-Right Website 8chan Offline After Cloudflare Withdraws Services

Site goes offline following involvement in shootings in Texas, with Cloudflare accusing it of 'directly inspiring tragic events'

2 years ago

Hackers Overcome University Cyber Defences In Hours

Ethical hackers take down university cyber defences and obtain valuable data in just two hours

3 years ago

Police Figures Cite Cybercrime, Digital Data As Top Concern

An exponential surge in data and a decentralised structure are making cyber-policing increasingly difficult

3 years ago

FBI Seizes Domain To Thwart VPNFilter Attack On Ukraine

DDoS denial. Feds seize control of domain that communicates with home routers infected with malware

4 years ago

Criminals Arrested As Webstresser DDoS Website Taken Down

National Crime Agency involved in international operation to take down website behind four million cyber attacks

4 years ago

GitHub Briefly Taken Offline In Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

The popular code-hosting site was taken offline for 10 minutes after being targeted by a massive 1.35Tbps DDoS attack

4 years ago

UK National Lottery Hit By Peak-Time DDoS Attack

The National Lottery's website and mobile app were taken offline for 90 minutes, blocking last-minute online ticket sales

4 years ago

Botnet Launches DDoS Attacks From Thousands Of Android Devices

The WireX botnet used hundreds of infected Android apps on Google Play and elsewhere to launch attack traffic against content…

4 years ago

Ransomware & Humans Are Silicon Readers’ Biggest Cybersecurity Concerns

Recent events mean ransomware is a hot topic among our readers as DDoS fears ease, but humans are still seen…

4 years ago

Cloudflare Pulls Protection From Far Right Daily Stormer Website

Cloudflare CEO said it was a difficult decision but US civil liberties group hits out at tech firms for clampdown

4 years ago

Poll: What Is Your Biggest Cybersecurity Concern?

Cybersecurity is never far from the IT conversation, but what do you fear the most?

4 years ago

CyberTeam Hacker Group Claims Responsiblity for Scuppering Skype With DDoS Attack

Microsoft remains tight-lipped on the cause of the Skype outage over the past two days

4 years ago

Botnets Target FCC Website Over Net Neutrality, Researchers Say

Researchers claim bots are spamming US regulator website over net neutrality rule change proposal

5 years ago

British Youth Receives Two Year Sentence For DDoS Attacks

Adam Mudd admitted to running the 'Titanium Stresser' DDoS attack tool out of his bedroom in Hertfordshire

5 years ago

Mirai Botnet Hits US College With Massive 54 Hour Attack

Mirai returns (or at least a variant of it) warns researchers at Imperva Incapsula who witnessed the attack

5 years ago