cross-site scripting

TalkTalk Slated For Tardy Response To Website Flaw

How long? TalkTalk failed to fix cross-site scripting error until this week, despite being informed two years ago

4 years ago

BT Issues Patch For Wi-Fi Extender Security Vulnerability

Patch that firmware now BT urges, after researchers uncover security issues with Wi-Fi extender device

6 years ago

5 Ways To Limit Damage Caused By XSS Flaws

XSS may be the easiest way for someone to attack your website, but there are self-defence steps you can take

8 years ago

Experts Condemn eBay After XSS Attack Puts Users At Risk

Security experts have condemned the online security at eBay after another attack exposes user data

8 years ago

It’s Time For XSS To Be Exterminated

XSS flaws are the most common vulnerabilities on the Internet. Website owners should kill them, says Tom Brewster

10 years ago

XSS Exploit Hidden In Facebook Bully Video

Facebook cross-site-scripting exploit uses "bully video" to deliver a sophisticated payload

11 years ago

Mozilla’s Anti-XSS Tool for Firefox 4 Secures Twitter

Twitter implements its Content Security Policy for Firefox 4 to block cross-site scripting attacks

11 years ago

Social Networking Sites Patch Security Flaws

A number of cross-site scripting flaws could have allowed attacks on users of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

12 years ago