content moderation

EU Requests Content Moderation Data From X

Using the Digital Services Act, European Commission asks X (formerly Twitter) for details over reduction in content moderation resources

2 months ago

Fewer People Using Twitter After Musk Takeover – Report

Research data suggests fewer people are using Elon Musk's X, but platform insists 250 million people are using X everyday

4 months ago

Twitter/X Fails To Block Content Moderation Disclosure Law In California

Elon Musk's X loses bid to block California law that requires social media to publicly disclose their content moderation practices

7 months ago

Oversight Board Reverses Meta Removal Of Graphic Israel-Gaza Videos

Meta's 'Supreme Court' has reversed content decision to remove graphic videos on Israel-Gaza from Facebook

7 months ago

Wikileaks Founder Says X (Twitter) ‘Overrun By Trolls, Lunatics’

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales says “a lot of thoughtful and serious people are fleeing Twitter” since Elon Musk takeover of platform

8 months ago

Meta Lawsuit Settlement Talks Collapse In Kenya

Content moderators in Kenya accuse Meta of not negotiating sincerely as lawsuit settlement talks break down

9 months ago

X CEO Linda Yaccarino Responds To EU Allegations Of ‘Illegal’ Content

CEO Linda Yaccarino says X (Twitter) has removed hundreds of Hamas-affiliated accounts, in pushback against EU letter

9 months ago

Musk, Yaccarino To Jointly Oversee X Trust and Safety

Owner Elon Musk, chief executive Linda Yaccarino to jointly oversee trust and safety at X as company reorganises under new…

12 months ago

Judge Blocks Biden Officials Communicating With Social Media Firms

Win for US republicans, after federal judge restricts some Biden officials from meeting and communicating with social media companies

1 year ago

Twitter Makes More Cuts To Trust, Safety Teams – Report

Is there anyone left to sack? Owner Elon Musk reportedly makes more layoffs to Twitter’s trust and safety teams

2 years ago

Google ‘Developing Free Moderation Tool’ For Smaller Sites

Google subsidiary Jigsaw developing free tool to help smaller websites identify and remove extremist materials, as new content laws take…

2 years ago