Hundreds Of Former Twitter Staff File Complaints

Twitter this week is being accused by 100 former staff members of a variety of legal violations including targeting women…

2 years ago

BT & Vodafone Get Most Broadband & Mobile Complaints Again

Ofcom hopes publishing complaints figures will spur operators into improving service

7 years ago

Vodafone And BT Get Most Complaints For Mobile And Broadband

List of shame....Vodafone, BT, TalkTalk top complaint table, as Sky remains the goody two shoes

7 years ago

EE And Vodafone Head Ofcom’s Complaints Rankings

No change in Ofcom's dubious awards as EE attracts most landline and broadband anger and Vodafone maintains mobile top spot

9 years ago

DefCon: John McAfee Launches Complaints Website

BrownList offers anyone a chance to complain about anything, and promises to keep those complaints online until the end of…

10 years ago

Orange Tops Ofcom’s List of ISP Complaints

For the first time in two years, TalkTalk is not the top of Ofcom’s complaints list

12 years ago

TalkTalk Complaints Make It Bottom Of The Satisfaction League

TalkTalk is actually proud of having reduced the number of complaints - but it is still worse than other providers

12 years ago

ICO Receives 64 Cookie Complaints In Three Days

The ICO confirms 64 complaints have been made over cookies, just two days after the law was enforced

12 years ago

Google Reader Change Angers Users

Google's changes its Reader RSS application are not going well with its users around the world

13 years ago

Crowdsourcing to Fix Broken Britain’s Transport

FixMyTransport is crowdsourcing to create pressure groups to fix broken-Britain's public transport system

13 years ago