US, UK, Others Agree ‘Secure By Design’ AI

Cybersecurity for AI. Countries including the US, UK, Germany sign international agreement to keep AI safe from rogue actors

6 months ago

Tech Giants Warn Of Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

Google, Amazon, Cloudflare all issue warnings after dealing with the largest-ever DDoS attack they have ever seen

8 months ago

Clop’s MOVEit Hack Hits US Government, As Other Victims Are Named

Russian Clop criminals begin extorting MOVEit data-theft victims, with US government agencies also attacked

12 months ago

US CISA Opens First Ever Overseas Office In London

American federal cyber agency CISA opens first overseas office in London, as it expands work with allies and international partners

2 years ago

NCSC Warns Of Russian Cyber Retaliation Against Critical Infrastructure

UK's NCSC, alongside 'five eye' partners, warns Russia could target critical infrastructure because of sanctions and military support for Ukraine

2 years ago

US Warns Russian Hackers Targetting Defence Contractors

American security agencies warn Russian-backed hackers have acquired sensitive US weapons data after breach defence contractors

2 years ago

Biden Administration Announces ‘Zero Trust’ Strategy For Federal Agencies

White House instructs US federal agencies to adopt 'zero trust' strategy as part of increased protection against cyberattacks

2 years ago

Tech Industry Scrambles Over Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerability found in Apache logging library Log4j exposes popular apps, websites and online services to attack and exploitation

2 years ago

Researchers Warn Of Software Flaws With Medical Devices

More than a dozen vulnerabilities found in software used in medical devices and machinery, which could cause crashes if exploited

3 years ago

Biden Administration Orders All Federal Agencies To Patch Systems

US President Joe Biden and CISA gives all US federal agencies six months to patch hundreds of known cybersecurity flaws…

3 years ago

Hacker Group Linked To China Compromising Global Telecom Networks

Warning from security experts CrowdStrike that 'LightBasin' hackers are burrowing into telephone networks around the world to grab data

3 years ago

US Agencies Urge Patch To Tackle BlackBerry QNX Flaw

Cars and medical devices at risk from a serious vulnerability in the BlackBerry QNX operating system, US federal agencies warn

3 years ago

US CISA, FBI Warn Of Trickbot Phishing Campaign

US CISA, FBI warn of 'sophisticated' attacks that manipulate users into downloading Trickbot via tailored 'traffic violation' emails

3 years ago

Hackers Bypassing MFA To Access Cloud Accounts, Warn CISA

US cyber agency warn hackers are bypassing multi-factor authentication (MFA) authentication protocols to compromise cloud accounts

3 years ago

US Treasury, Commerce Departments Hacked

Russian hackers allegedly spied on US government departments, as US issues emergency order to halt use of compromised system

3 years ago

President Trump Fires CISA Cyber Boss Chris Krebs

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) boss Chris Krebs has been 'terminated' by Trump after he contradicted President's claims

4 years ago

NSA Issues Alert For Critical Infrastructure Operators

Operators of critical infrastructure are being warned to harden their networks against cyber threats to their operational technology (OT)

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Hackers Targetting Covid-19 Research Organisations

US and UK cyber officials warn of 'malicious cyber campaigns targeting organisations involved in the Coronavirus response'

4 years ago

US Warns Of Gas Pipeline Shutdown After Ransomware Attack

Real world dangers posed by malware after natural gas pipeline in the United States is shut down after a ransomware…

4 years ago