Most Reddit Forums Still Dark, After CEO Doubles Down

Moderators of thousands of Reddit’s forums maintain blackout in protest at API fees, after Reddit CEO doubles down

1 year ago

Power Blackouts Sees Kosovo Ban Crypto Mining

Landlocked Kosovo has officially banned cryptocurrency mining as it grapples with soaring energy prices and electricity blackouts

2 years ago

Australia Switches On Tesla Megapack Facility For Renewable Energy Capture

Australian state of Victoria switches on the biggest battery in the southern hemisphere to provide clean power to one million…

3 years ago

Russian Hackers Penetrate US Electrical Grid – Report

Blackout threat? Russian linked hacking group has compromised networks of American electric utilities

6 years ago

NYSE 4-Hour Blackout Caused by Technical Glitch

Yesterday's glitch threw Wall Street into one of the biggest blackouts ever experienced, but the outage was reportedly not a…

9 years ago

Syrian Internet Restored After Nationwide Blackout

War-torn Syria suffers another nationwide online blackout, with fingers pointed firmly at the Government

10 years ago

Cute Cat Guards Freedom Of The Internet

A cat signal by the Internet Defense League will warn about the next SOPA

12 years ago

Google, Amazon And Others May Go Dark Over SOPA

Several big name IT companies are considering overt protests against the proposed US Stop Online Piracy Act

12 years ago

MPs Oppose Social Media Riot Shutdown

A committee of MPs have said social networks should not be closed or blocked during civil disorder

12 years ago

RIM’s Lazaridis Claims BlackBerry Service Restored

Research in Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has said that BlackBerry services have been restored

13 years ago

BlackBerry Failure Spreads To North America

This week has just got worse for RIM execs after the BlackBerry outages spread to North America

13 years ago

Internet Servers Are Running But Libya Goes Dark

Libya's new Internet shut down throttles traffic but leaves its Web servers technically up and running

13 years ago

Egyptian Revolt Unquelled By Total Comms Blackout

Within hours, Egypt was isolated from the outside world as the comms infrastructure was completely kettled

13 years ago