Contactless At 10: One Third Of All Card Payments Made With A Tap

Two thirds of Brits have made a contactless card payments since the tech arrived in the UK in September 2007

7 years ago

Barclaycard bPay Stuffs Contactless Payment Tech Into Jewellery & Watches

Barclaycard bPay payment tech will be used integrated into high-street jewelry and watches

7 years ago

Barclaycard Secures 10-Year Contract With TfL To Deliver Contactless Payments

The payments company has extended its long-standing partnership with TfL

7 years ago

Barclaycard bPay Loop Brings Contactless Payments To Watches And Fitness Bands

Barclaycard says £20 bPay loop can turn existing items into contactless payment devices

8 years ago

Are Free Returns Hampering UK E-Commerce?

Barclaycard research claims that managing returns is damaging profits for many British online businesses

8 years ago

Why Do Some Payment Technologies Rise And Others Fall?

Barclaycard's Nick Kerigan tells us what can payment companies can learn from tech providers

8 years ago

Barclays Customers Can Finally Use Apple Pay

Barclays becomes the final major UK bank to support Apple Pay after months of delays

8 years ago

Barclays ‘Confirms’ Apple Pay Support By April

Twitter user claims Barclays CEO Ashok Vaswani sent an email confirming Apple Pay support would arrive by April 10 at…

8 years ago

Barclaycard Finally Reveals Apple Pay Competitor

mybarclaycard Android app allows for contactless payments up to £30

9 years ago

Contactless Payments Gets Fashionable With Topshop’s bPay Range

Accessories including smartphone cases and wristbands could be a hit this Christmas

9 years ago

Barclaycard Brings NFC Payments To Android Phones

Allows contactless payments of up to £100 and comes before Apple Pay Barclaycard support

9 years ago

UK Contactless Spending Limit Rises To £30

From today, you’ll be able to spend more money than ever before using contactless cards or Apple Pay

9 years ago

MasterCard And Barclaycard Report Massive Contactless Payments Growth

Barclaycard sees usage treble and MasterCard says contactless payments are up 560 percent as consumers show their love for the…

9 years ago

Barclaycard Takes bPay To The Public

Three new bPay devices, including contactless wristband, fob and sticker, go on sale July 1

9 years ago

It’s Official – Contactless Payments Are Taking Over

‘Tap and pay’ becoming increasingly popular, with 45 million contactless payments card now active in the UK, Barclaycard survey finds

9 years ago

Barclaycard Brings A Bit Of Glove Love To Contactless Shopping

Laden down with bags? Concept wearable device allows contactless payment with just a wave of the hand

10 years ago

Barclaycard Hooks Up Contactless Tube For Charity Donations

Mayor of London launches Penny for London scheme which will let commuters donate every time they tap in

10 years ago

Payment Providers Have High Hopes For Contactless Tube

Barclaycard says contactless payments on tube will be easier, quicker and encourage customers to use their cards for other items…

10 years ago

Barclaycard PayTag Turns Ordinary Mobiles Into NFC Wallets

Barclaycard is offering its users a NFC sticker that will transform their phone into a new payment device

12 years ago

Orange Kicks Off The Payment Phone Revolution

Barclaycard, Orange and Samsung have launched a virtual wallet for contactless payments by mobile phone

13 years ago