Android security

One In Six Android Phones In Developing Markets Infected

Mobile specialist Upstream warns large percentage of Android phones in developing markets infected with malware, due to a number of…

1 year ago

Hundreds Of Android Smartphones Preloaded With Malware, Warns Avast

Smartphones from the likes of ZTE, MediaTek, Archos and Blaupunkt are preloaded with adware nastiness

4 years ago

Android Phone Makers ‘Forget’ Google Security Updates – Report

Porky pies? Research claims that Android phone makers are telling users phones have been updated, when it hasn't

4 years ago

Skygofree Android Spyware Threatens Privacy

Kaspersky finds spyware can read WhatsApp messages and take pictures, and it has been around for three years already

4 years ago

Virtual Keyboard App Reveals Data Of 31m Android Users

Colossal new data breach as Android keyboard app Ai.type exposes personal data of 31 million users

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday Includes Fixes For Ancient Windows XP And To Tackle WannaCry

Unprecedented move as update includes patches for 'unsupported' Windows XP and Vista

5 years ago

Million Google Accounts Hacked by ‘Gooligan’ Android Malware

Android malware has compromised more than one million Google accounts, warns Check Point

6 years ago

Mobile Malware Threat Grows As HummingBad Infection Reaches 85m

Depressing reading as active malware families grow and HummingBad infects 85 million Android devices

6 years ago

Android Trojan Triada Spotted In Wild By Kaspersky Lab

Secure your Android devices as Kaspersky spots stealthy, sophisticated Triada trojan in the wild

6 years ago

Microsoft Urges Internet Explorer Upgrades Before Support Ends

Microsoft says upgrading will ensure customers get security updates and will pave the way for Windows 10 migration

7 years ago

Google Refutes DA’s Smartphone Unlock Claim

Search giant can unlock smartphones remotely, according to Manhattan district attorney’s office, but Google disagrees

7 years ago

Android Malware Poses As Microsoft Word Document

Android users beware! New malware disguises itself as Word document, but steals messages and other data

7 years ago

Police Hit Users Of DroidJack Malware

Authorities raid homes across Europe of users of Android smartphone tracking malware DroidJack

7 years ago

Samsung To Upgrade Knox To Mitigate Swiftkey Flaw

Samsung reacts to patch critical vulnerability with a native keyboard app on its smartphone range

7 years ago

Swiftkey Poses Hack Threat To 600m Samsung Phones

Millions of Samsung smartphones could have preloaded vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers

7 years ago

Google Reinforces Chrome Anti-Hijacking Tools

Google has strengthened the Chrome browser's defences against settings hijacking, which it says is users' top complaint

8 years ago

Bit9 Warns Of 100k Risky Android Apps

A security vendor says it has found 100,000 Android apps on Google Play to be questionable or suspicious

10 years ago

Researchers Show Off Android Hack Using NFC

Security researchers have demonstrated a way to hack Android phones through the NFC protocol

10 years ago

Android Malware Is Getting Stealthy, Researchers Say

Cyber criminals are hoping better malware encryption will help them exploit Google's operating system

10 years ago