ad blocking

YouTube Denies Slowing Down Mozilla Firefox

Alphabet's YouTube insists it is not slowing down Firefox, after complaints videos are taking extra long to load on the…

7 months ago

Google Switches On Chrome Ad Blocker

Bad news publishers? Chrome web browser now enables its ad blocker to prevent annoying and "intrusive" ads

6 years ago

Google Confirms Chrome Adblocker To Combat ‘Annoying, Intrusive Ads’

Google is ready to take on the web's most annoying advertisements

7 years ago

Google Might Build Its Own Ad-Blocker For Chrome Web Browser

If it goes ahead with the plans, Google will block ads based on standards from the Coalition for Better Ads

7 years ago

Ad Blocking Uptake Stablises As Consumers Recognise Need For Adverts

Necessary evil? Study finds 22 percent of British adults use ad blocking software, as growth stalls

7 years ago

AdBlock Plus Maker Wins Court Challenge

Another German regional court upholds the principle of ad-blocking, but publishers are wary of Eyeo's market dominance

8 years ago

AdBlock Plus Launches Advert Marketplace

The plugin's developers look to expand the marketplace for 'acceptable' ads while promising no change to the user experience

8 years ago

Europe Urges Removal Of Network-Level Ad Blockers

European body cites net neutrality concerns with new guidance that networks cannot implement advert blockers

8 years ago

Yandex Offers ‘Complaint’ Button And AI As Alternative To Ad Blocking

Yandex, a major search engine in Russia, hopes to reach a compromise between users and advertisers as an alternative to…

8 years ago

Facebook Improves Ad Preference Tools And Will Override Ad Blockers

Facebook promises to give users more control over adverts buts says ad blockers threaten journalism and free services

8 years ago

Opera Adds Native Ad Blocking To iOS Browser

Native ad blocking comes to iOS and Windows Phone versions of Opera browser to block "intrusive" ads

8 years ago

Three Will Block All Mobile Adverts For 24 Hours

Day-long trial will delight customers but could be bad news for online businesses

8 years ago

Samsung Releases Ad-Blocking Mobile Browser

Enjoy an ‘uncluttered’ mobile Internet experience on Samsung devices now

8 years ago

Opera Adds Native Ad Blocking To Desktop Browser

Opera says web pages can load 90 percent faster without an ad blocker and 40 percent faster than third party…

8 years ago

Government Could Step In To Stop Ad Blocking

Culture Secretary offers support for the battle against ad blocking and pledges to bring forward requirement for licence fee to…

8 years ago

Three Wants To Start Blocking Annoying Mobile Ads

However, move to tackle “excessive and irrelevant” mobile ads raises concerns about net neutrality

8 years ago

Google Pulls Samsung Ad Blocking App From Play Store

Ad blocking app for Samsung phones pulled from Google's Play Store for breach of terms and conditions

8 years ago

Samsung Brings Ad Blocking To Its Android Browser

Samsung Internet now lets users install content and ad blocking plugins

8 years ago

EE Could Allow Ad Blocking At Network Level

EE CEO Olaf Swantee says operator is having strategic review to see whether customers should be allowed to control their…

9 years ago

Ad Blockers Are Used By 18 Percent Of UK Web Users

Publishers should have less invasive adverts and make users aware of the consequences of ad blocking, industry body says

9 years ago

Peace Ad Blocker For iOS Is Withdrawn From Apple Store

'It doesn't feel good.' Developer builds Peace ad-blocker, publishes it, then pulls it from Apple App store

9 years ago

Adblock Plus Returns To Android, Arrives On iOS

No more pesky adverts as Adblock Plus launches on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS

9 years ago

Ad Blocking To Cause Publishers £14bn In 2015 As Popularity Grows

Adblocking software such as Adblock Plus is witnessing a dramatic rise in users as the software shifts to mobile

9 years ago