Accounting Scandal

Government To Quash All Post Office Horizon Convictions

Post Office Horizon scandal. PM Rishi Sunak confirms convictions will be quashed and victims compensated under new law

4 months ago

Toshiba Delisted From Toyko Stock Exchange After 74 Years

End of an era for Japanese electronics giant Toshiba, as it undergoes transition into private ownership after years of upheaval

5 months ago

Toshiba’s Top Shareholder Opposes Breakup Plan

Years of turmoil at Japan's Toshiba continues, as leading shareholder opposes plan to break itself into three different units

2 years ago

Wrongly Convicted Post Office Staff Demand Prison For Former Bosses

Public inquiry update: Former Post Office workers wrongly convicted in Horizon IT scandal, call for prison sentences for management

2 years ago

Post Office Horizon Scandal Public Inquiry Begins

The “appalling injustice” of Post Office's Horizon scandal left some victims contemplating suicide after theft allegations and convictions

2 years ago

Toshiba Faces £40m Penalty Over Accounting Scandal

Japanese shareholder revolt as securities watchdog recommends Toshiba be fined nearly £40m

8 years ago

Toshiba To Sell Sensor Business In Wake Of Accounting Scandal

Toshiba Corp offloading camera sensor business to Sony as new boss tries to overhaul semiconductor division

9 years ago