Silicon In Focus Podcast: Smart ESG: Your Data, Your Sustainability

Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO and co-founder of Datamaran

In this episode we delve into the crucial realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, exploring how data-driven strategies are reshaping the landscape of sustainability practices in businesses worldwide.

The world demands that businesses take responsibility for their part in major global crises like climate change. While 96% of S&P 500 companies disclose climate change, 40% of them don’t set measurable targets.

Join us as we uncover the pivotal role of data in driving sustainable initiatives. Data empowers organisations to make informed decisions that benefit their bottom line and contribute positively to the planet and society at large.

From renewable energy investments to supply chain transparency, we’ll navigate through the complexities of ESG metrics and showcase the transformative potential of integrating smart data solutions into sustainability agendas.




Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO and co-founder of Datamaran.

Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO and co-founder of Datamaran
Marjella Lecourt-Alma, CEO and Co-founder of Datamaran.

Marjella is the CEO and co-founder of Datamaran, the market leader in Smart ESG software. Datamaran is trusted by global brands to identify and prioritize ESG issues material to their operations, deepen their teams’ ESG knowledge, monitor risks and opportunities in real-time, and authentically own their ESG strategy in-house. The company has offices in London, New York, Valencia and Leeuwarden.