Keepler, Databricks Partner To Develop Intelligent Data Platforms

Alliance formed between Keepler and Databricks to accelerate development of intelligent data platforms for businesses

Two specialists team up to offer enterprises a suitable data intelligence platform, as the world seeks to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their business models.

Data services provider Keepler announced it has forged an alliance with AI and analytics specialist Databricks “to deliver a collaborative approach aimed at accelerating the development of intelligent data platforms.”

The two firms said their alliance seeks to deliver faster and more significant value to enterprise organisations, by utilising the combined expertise and capabilities of both organisations.

Combined expertise

Keeper on the one hand specialises in assisting businesses with their data-driven requirements.

“Our purpose is to elevate human potential through data, ensuring our clients become more competitive, agile, and resilient”, said Juan María Aramburu, CEO at Keepler Data Tech.

“This alliance with Databricks underscores Keepler’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that co-create business value from data, ensuring client self-sufficiency and integration into core business processes”, Aramburu added.

Databricks on the other hand is renowned for its data intelligence platform that simplifies data engineering, collaborative data science, and the implementation of machine learning models.

“By integrating Databricks’ platform with Keepler’s expertise in cloud-native data solutions, the partnership will enable clients to swiftly develop, deploy, and scale intelligent data platforms”, said Sergio García Desplat, Iberia Regional Lead at Databricks.

“Partnering with Keepler supports our mission to enable every enterprise to be data-driven,” added Yannis Daubin, VP SEMEA at Databricks. “By combining our data intelligence platform with Keepler’s expertise in cloud-native data solutions, we are well-positioned to help our clients accelerate innovation, optimize their operations, and unlock the full potential of their data.”

So what exactly will the alliance between the two deliver?

According to both firms, the alliance will focus on several key areas:

  • Cloud Data Platforms: Delivering robust, scalable cloud data solutions that integrate best practices in data governance, analytics, engineering, cloud automation, and security.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Accelerating innovation by leveraging AI to transform data into actionable insights, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Data Management and Democratization: Ensuring data quality, accessibility, and governance to support effective deployment and scaling of data products.

Client focused

Both Keepler and Databricks said they share a client-centric philosophy, emphasising the co-creation of value.

The alliance will offer customized workshops, strategic roadmaps, and pilot projects to ensure solutions are tailored to meet specific business needs, enabling clients to derive maximum value from their data investments.

Keepler has of late focused on generative AI services to assist companies overwhelmed by the role artificial intelligence is now playing, and how to best incorporate and manage the tech within their particular business operation.