Salesforce Opens First AI Centre In London

American CRM giant selects UK capital for its first AI centre where industry, customers and experts can advance AI innovation

Salesforce has signalled its commitment to the UK’s role in the rapidly expanding artificial intelligence (AI) segment.

The American CRM giant announced that it has chosen London for its first AI Centre, which it describes as “a physical space that will foster collaboration by bringing together industry experts, partners, and customers to advance AI innovation while providing critical upskilling opportunities.”

It was a year ago when Salesforce had announced a significant investment in the UK, despite undertaking painful cost cutting measures earlier in 2023.

London AI Centre

Salesforce had in June 2023 announced it will invest $4 billion in its UK business in the next five years.

That announcement came alongside its latest AI product innovations, after it had revealed a suite of generative AI tools called AI Cloud aimed at bringing an “open” approach to the intensely competitive market.

Now the Salesforce UK AI Centre will be located in London’s Blue Fin building in Southwark.

The firm will be hosting 18,000 people at its annual London World Tour event on Thursday.

As part of its UK focus, Salesforce Ventures has already invested more than $200 million in UK companies including ElevenLabs, the text-to-speech and AI voice generator, and AutoGenAI, the world’s leading AI bid writing engine.

“AI has the potential to drive major growth for UK businesses – with the UK AI market predicted to reach over $1 trillion by 2035. To realize this opportunity, industry-leading experts must work together to develop innovative solutions and overcome obstacles,” said Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO, Salesforce UKI.

“By locating Salesforce’s first AI Centre in London, we are sending a clear message to customers and partners on AI: we are deeply committed to working closely together so that you can reap the rewards of this transformative technology, while ensuring it is a force for good.”

AI locations

“London is fast becoming one of the most important centres of AI businesses in the world, and we warmly welcome the decision by Salesforce to launch its pioneering UK AI Center in the capital,” added Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Growth, Howard Dawber.

“This new UK AI Center will bring industry experts together to innovate and collaborate. It will provide training for Londoners to access the jobs and opportunities of the future and boost our economy as we continue to work towards a fairer and better city for everyone,” Dawber continued.

The arrival of Salesforce’s first AI Centre in London comes after ChatGPT owner OpenAI had announced in June 2023 that it would open its first international office in London.

That OpenAI office has been opened near Buckingham Palace.