Another Windows 10 Major Update Slated For Late 2017

Windows 10 will get a second major update in 2017 as Microsoft also launches Skype Lite in India

Microsoft has confirmed a second major update for Windows 10 is due later in the year, though Redmond remained tight lipped on features and exact rollout times.

The slated update was spotted on a slide being shown at Microsoft’s Ignite conference by onMSFT, which revealed that Microsoft has a rough timeline for is next big Windows 10 update.

The contents of the slide were aimed at enterprise users of the operating system, so that would indicate that the update will be made available towards the end of 2017 and then effectively put into ‘”production”, ie use, in 2018 by businesses.

Features for the second Windows 10 update remain to be seen, but it can be predicted that it will contain additions made to the Windows 10 Creators Update and potentially embrace a new user interface being designed under Microsoft’s Project Neon work, which is centred around working on 3D user interfaces in Windows 10 and for software running on the HoloLens headset.

Skype Lite launches in India

Skype LiteIn other Microsoft news, the company also launched Skype Lite, a reworked version of its popular internet communication software designed to be used in areas with poor and limited connectivity via Android devices.

The app will debut in India first, will only take up 13MB of storage on a mobile device, and has been optimised for limited Internet connections such as 2G.

Eight languages are supported and it enables support for reading and replying to SMS texts, as well as track mobile data usage.

Microsoft has also created a swathe of chatbot for use in India to help automate tasks and content within the Skype Lite app, with the goal of avoiding the need for users to open other apps and consume more of their mobile data allowance.

The Redmond company highlighted that Skype Lite was built in India, for users in India”, which demonstrated that Microsoft has a healthy interest in the India’s growing mobile market and it increasing Internet access.

But Microsoft is not alone is exploring ways to deliver connected services in areas where Internet coverage or access is limited. EE recently showcased it ambitions to provide 4G connectivity to rural areas through the use of drone and balloons.

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