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Tabasco X Tinx: A Successful Marketing Campaign Example

In recent years, influencer marketing campaigns have helped create audience awareness and engagement on social media. One example is Tabasco’s new collaboration with Tik Tok star Tinx. The hot sauce brand has made its first bottled dressing named after her. The key to a creative and successful strategy for any company using this kind of content is ensuring the marketing agency has the tools to create, distribute and promote these campaigns.

Tabasco’s marketing campaign success

With the rise of social media, reaching a target audience using influencer marketing campaigns is now a clear focus for marketing agencies. This industry is worth £1.2 billion in the UK. Brands are increasing their investments with content creators, as these campaigns are a powerful way to gain new customers and drive sales.

For example, the Tabasco brand has launched the TINX Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce Dressing to attract customers “intimidated by too much heat” to this 154-year-old brand. According to the company’s chief marketing and sales officer, Lee Susen, the creative idea of this new product and campaign came from a conversation with the influencer Christina Najjar, known as Tinx, who has more than 1.5 million followers. The digital creator shared her use of Tabasco’s green sauce with a salad with her audience in a video on social media, which the brand could see made a powerful connection to her audience.

This brand’s new marketing campaign strategy and product are a win-win for the company, customers, and Najjar, who said: “I’ve been using hot sauce as dressing for years. A marriage of my two favourite things: crunchy salad and flavourful spice. I couldn’t be prouder to have partnered with this legendary brand to make my hot sauce dressing dreams come true. I can’t wait for everyone to try it.”

USA Today says the product is “a blend of Tabasco green jalapeño sauce combined with avocado, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, green onion and spices”. It is created to make the source suitable for customers’ dishes, from salads to burritos. The product was featured on Amazon, where it promptly sold out.

A marketing agency and an influencers marketing tool

For influencer marketing campaigns to be successful, the marketing agency creating the campaign must have an influencer strategy and the necessary tools. Examples of the tools available include Hello Pareto and While Pareto runs fundraising projects, influencer marketing and sales, Promoty is an influencer management tool whose goal is finding the right brand digital creator.

To help in a company fundraise, Pareto researches and outreaches to venture capital and angel investors on Crunchbase, AngelList, and LinkedIn. While it conducts market research, the agency can also identify and engage niche content creators for brands on social media, such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. Regarding business-to-business sales, Pareto generates contacts of customers on Hubspot, Salesforce, and LinkedIn., on the other hand, specialises in looking for and managing content creators for marketing campaigns from its global database. This platform either uses audience filters to find influencers with the targeted audience for a brand or searches for niche digital creators by interests and keywords. In addition, detailed information is provided for each content creator, such as posts, audience data, social metrics, and follower growth. This influencer management tool allows marketing agencies to reach the chosen digital creator and manage marketing campaigns, collaborations, and content on social media.

Influencer relationships are managed flexibly with the use of Promoty. Content creators can be organised based on the company’s needs by adding them to their CRM and classifying them into boards and columns, either by niche, status, or marketing criteria. As a result, a strong relationship between content creators and the brand can be built. “Every influencer profile can be enriched with comments, labels, and notes: contact and shipping info, birthdays, preferences, and historical data,” Promoty explain.

Influencer marketing campaigns have become necessary for many brands’ marketing strategies to increase a brand’s awareness and expand their customer base. Tabasco’s collaboration with content creator Tinx is one example of their success. Hello Pareto and Promoty are resources that help agencies develop their influencer marketing skills.

Brands can reach a wider audience and build trust by collaborating with digital creators with a loyal social media following. Influencer marketing is now an essential component of many marketing campaigns can use effectively. All marketing agencies must consider how influencers could help them reach a wider audience across all social media channels.

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