Silicon Insights: The Evolution of Account Based Marketing: Part 1

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Today’s guest is Rupert Denny, the Business Director at EssenceMediacom.

How has account-based marketing evolved? As more data has become available to be analysed for insights, how important is a data-first approach for key market campaigns? And Is truly effective marketing today about fostering high levels of advocacy and understanding propensity in any given industry or sector are all explored in this Silicon Insight.

Rupert Denny, the Business Director at EssenceMediacom.

Rupert Denny, the Business Director at EssenceMediacom.

A 30-year career in advertising across media and account handling started in the dark arts of UK TV buying in the mid-80s at JWT and developed across strategic planning and print. The early 90’s, and the heady days of Netscape Navigator, Pipex and Altavista, was the beginning of an interest and speciality in Tech. After managing all of IBM’s EMEA media at GGK to running Oracle, EDS and Unisys at Grey and Leagas Delaney, Rupert joined the tech specialist agency – Banner. A ten-year spell at Banner culminated in his appointment as Media Director in 2012, having overseen clients such as Symantec, CA Technologies, Adobe, AT&T and Cisco. In 2013 Banner was merged into Mediacom as part of the Dell Team, and Rupert now oversees the Commercial (B2B) Team as well as providing global guidance around Lead Generation and ABM.

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