CES 2016 – What’s In Store?

TechWeekEurope looks ahead to the world’s biggest electronics show

2016 is almost upon us, which means it’s nearly time for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, the event that brings the great, the good, and the slightly odd to Las Vegas to check out the new innovations in the consumer electronics industry.

With over 150,000 people set to attend and more than 3,600 companies exhibiting over the course of the week, CES is a prime location to show off new products or innovations, and really make a name for yourself.

Last year’s show proved to be one of the biggest yet, with big announcements from the likes of LG, Lenovo, Intel, HP, Nvidia, Microsoft and many more, but what can we expect from this year’s show?

Some great new mobile devices

touch screen smartphoneTop of many people’s agenda when it comes to CES is the latest smartphones and tablets, as many of the industry’s top names gather to show off their new devices.

With Mobile World Congress increasingly losing its lustre as the top location to launch a new device, CES is proving more and more popular each year, both as a launch venue and as the opportunity to publicly show off new releases.

Last year’s show saw releases from LG, Asus and Acer, and this year could also spring a few surprises. Sony has been quiet on the smartphone front since IFA 2105, so could be planning a launch here, as could Samsung, which has been ramping up smartphone production in recent months to try and spring a surprise.

And we should also not count out Microsoft, which will be keen to show off the possibilities that Windows 10 Mobile offers. Although it may not be announcing any new products, we could see partner devices powered by the latest Windows mobile software revealed to the watching world.

More power, and more juice

IntelAway from the devices themselves, CES also offers hardware manufacturers the chance to show off their latest developments, as we get a look at the components that will power the next generation of mobile devices.

CES 2015 was a bumper year for this, as on the PC side, Intel revealed its fifth generation Broadwell processors, whilst on the mobile side, Nvidia took the wraps off its Tegra X1 chip.

This year should hopefully bring a new selection of hardware see the light, and although we’ve heard nothing concrete from either of the above, CES 2016 could be the ideal time to show off the latest advances.

But also expect Qualcomm to properly show off its new Snapdragon 820 chipset, which could offer amazing power mixed with a truly great battery life.

Battery technology could prove to be a major theme of the mobile section at the show, as consumers increasingly clamour for an all-day life to match their usage demands. Following Huawei’s recent pronouncements surrounding its improvements in battery life, expect the Chinese firm to have some exciting demos on show, alongside a whole range of start-ups and smaller companies looking to show off their innovations.

Smart homes, smart homes everywhere

smart homesFor many, 2015 was the year when smart homes and connected technology around the Internet of Things really took off. Far from just being a glitzy demo at a trade show, this year marked real-world applications of smart products that many of us actually wanted in our homes.

CES 2016 should usher in a whole load of new connected products into our collective consciousness, marking one of the main occasions where companies can really push the boat with new items.

We’ve already heard that LG is planning to reveal its new Signature appliances and home entertainment range at the show, and it should be one of many. Last year saw Nest reveal partnerships with no less than 15 organisations, as well as a new smart thermostat that was able to talk to other products around the home.

Samsung is normally a major player when it comes to showing off smart technology at such shows, and will doubtlessly have something new for the public to admire. But the big players in the white goods world will take centre stage at CES 2016, as previously unheralded appliances such as fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and much more will all be revealed to be smarter than ever before.

Make no mistake, 2016 could well be the year that smart products make a huge impact in homes everywhere.

But also some clever cars

freescale smart car IoTAlongside your smart home, it’s a fair bet that many tech-savvy consumers will also want to upgrade their vehicle to something a bit more intelligent, and CES 2016 looks set to provide this.

The big rumour this year is that CES 2016 will see the unveiling of the joint venture between Google and Ford regarding autonomous vehicles. The two companies have already reportedly been working together, and could be set to spring a major surprise with an operational vehicle at the show.

Elsewhere, expect all the big motoring manufacturers to be out in force showing off their latest advances, with particular attention towards the likes of BMW, Volvo and Nissan, which have all already demonstrated they are pushing huge amounts of money into smart car research.

There should also be an opportunity to check out the latest in in-car entertainment, as firms look to provide their customers with a top-notch experience. With Google and Apple both throwing their weight behind specialist in-car software, now is the time for carmakers and developers alike to show they can compete.

And as usual, something a bit weird

There’s something about Las Vegas that appears brings out the oddities in the technology world, with CES 2015 proving no exception. From a $6,000 Lamborghini smartphone to a Qualcomm-powered drone, the show had something for everyone, and we’re expecting this year’s show to be just the same.

With the increasing growth of the Internet of Things and smart products, the sky is the limit for developers and manufacturers, who will all be competing to try and fill in all the possible gaps in the market. Who knows what will be next – connected hair straighteners? Sports socks that measure your heartbeat? Or finally we’ll get that truly smart fridge we’ve all been clamouring for all these years…

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