LG Moves Into The Smart Home With ‘Signature’ Range


New ‘Signature’ range of premium LG home products will debut at CES 2016 next month

LG is to release a new range of premium smart home devices as it looks to extend its reach away from mobile devices.

The new LG Signature range, comprising appliances and home entertainment systems, will be publicly unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month.

The Korean manufacturer says the range will offer consumers high-end products that were “carefully selected and designed by a special team within LG with input from leading design experts.”

The initial range includes a television, refrigerator, washing machine and air purifier, with more to be added as the brand expands.


LG SIGNATURE“Drawing on LG’s best-in-class technologies and designs, the LG Signature brand will carve out new territory for high-end appliances and consumer electronics,” said Brian Na, LG’s global marketing officer.

“LG’s innovation leadership in both consumer electronics and appliances gives us an advantage that very few companies have. LG SIGNATURE is a unique evolution not only for our brand, but for the industry as a whole.”

Sales for the new range will initially begin in North America, Europe and Asia early next year.

So-called ‘smart homes’ are becoming increasingly more popular throughout the UK as more and more consumers find out about the benefits connected technology can bring.

A recent survey by GfK found that 91 percent of people said that they were aware of the term ‘smart home’, with two thirds (65 percent) having knowledge about the term and the technology surrounding it, with many highlighting the benefits that connected homes can bring.

And almost half (47 percent) of the respondents said that the technology will have more impact on their lives than wearable devices (31 percent).

A further report from analyst house Juniper predicted that consumer spending on smart homes and their associated products is set to skyrocket and reach $100bn (£65bn) within the next five years, as this growth will push the number of connected appliances in smart homes to over 20 million by 2020.

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