Quiz Of The Week – CES 2015

Have you been paying attention to what’s been going on in Las Vegas this week?

This week all eyes were on the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show has rapidly grown to become one of the central events in the technology industry calendar, with last year’s event attracting crowds of more than 160,000 to view over 52,000 exhibitors, and this year’s show expected to be even better.

Intel, LG, Samsung and Sony were among the big names announcing and showing off new products, initiatives and concepts at the show, with wearables, connected cars and drones high on the list for many of them, alongside the traditional fields of mobile and inter-connectivity.

CES 2015 crowdsViva Las CES

But CES isn’t just for the top retailers, as it prides itself on highlighting innovation, even for those slightly weird or niche products. This year we’ve seen phone cases that turn your phone into an infra-red sensor, a smart dog collar that tells you of your pet’s whereabouts, and running socks that can help analyse and improve how you run.

TechWeek Europe has been casting an eye over the major (and slightly out there) news headlines, but how well do you know the details of what’s been happening at this year’s CES?



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