Apple Begins Selling Door Lock Unlocked By Tapping iPhone

Smart door lock. Apple stores begin selling a smart door lock that can unlock exterior doors with the touch of an iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple last Friday signalled its smart home intentions after it began selling an exterior door lock that can be unlocked by tapping an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Dubbed the Level Lock+ from Level Home, Apple says it is the smallest, most capable smart lock ever, available in a footprint of a traditional door lock.

It is the first first Home Key-supported lock that’s been sold in Apple stores. Available in Satin Nickel (gray) or Matte Black (black), the smart lock is certainly not cheap, retailing for an eye watering $329.95 in US stores only, with shipment in 4 to 6 weeks.

Apple Level Lock+, Level Home. Picture credit Apple

Level Lock+

Apple said that Level Lock+, users can create powerful scenes and automations and control from anywhere with the Home app.

Users can even ask Siri to lock or unlock with just their voice.

Apple Level Lock+, Level Home. Picture credit Apple

And with the Level app, users can share access to their home with others, including friends, visitors, and other trusted people via an optional Level Keypad accessory.

“Our habits are more digitally intertwined than ever,” said John Martin, co-founder and CEO of Level Home. “Consumer behaviour has evolved to rely on technological enhancements to make secure access more convenient.”

“Level Lock+ could not have come at a more perfect time – this is something iPhone or Apple Watch users can utilise, and we’re seeing that people are ready to integrate smart locks into their daily routines,” said Martin.

So how does it work?

Well, hidden in the lock itself is a hidden CR2 battery within the deadbolt, which powers the NFC connection.

Level Lock+ is BHMA AAA certified – the highest US industry standard for safety and durability – and installation supposedly only requires a screwdriver.

Apple Level Lock+, Level Home. Picture credit Apple

Car Key, Room Key

“Apple home keys technology makes your iPhone or Apple Watch your key,” said Ken Goto, co-founder and CTO of Level Home.

“With Level Lock+, it was important to us to advance the technology and safety inside of our smart locks through the latest and greatest solutions available without any sacrifice in size or design.”

Beyond the Apple Home app, users can gain a host of features within the Level app, including full in-app control of the lock, shared access with guests, auto lock and unlock, and the ability to enter via touch of a finger, keycards, or the optional Level Keypad accessory.

In addition to Home Key, Apple also announced Car Key, which unlocks supported cars from BMW and Hyundai

It also announced Room Key, which puts hotel keys from chains such as Hyatt in Apple’s Wallet app.