STATS Edge Offers Football Clubs AI-Assisted Data Analytics On Opponents

STATS, which acquired prozone in 2016, hopes to enable new levels of football analysis with its AI-powered solution.

Sports data and intelligence specialist, STATS, has launched a tool to help football teams analyse games more effectively.

STATS Edge is a search and analytics application powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enables football teams to instantly find video clips and analyse complex patterns in a game.

Analysts could then assess in detail a team’s strengths and weaknesses while focusing on various aspects of the game.

Accurate insight

 “It’s increasingly difficult for clubs to process and analyse all the relevant data points available and distil complex information into timely, accurate insight,” said Kenneth Fuchs, STATS’ CEO.

“On top of that, traditional analytics don’t always speak the visual language of players and coaches.”

Norway football team

Drawing on STATS’ history of data collection and analysis, the tool utilises data from competitions such as the Premier League, Football League Championship, La Liga (Spain), Ligue 1 (France), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany), Qatar Stars League and the UEFA Champions League. STATS Edge is currently available in five languages and unifies football data and video through what is described as an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

Indeed, it was developed with input from a number of the top English, French and Spanish clubs.

This can enable everyone at a football club, from match analysts to the manager, to examine, annotate and share insights on the same platform.

The STATS Edge search engine allows managers and analysts to use their football vocabulary within a search box to find relevant video clips in seconds across entire leagues or competitions, regardless of the complexity of their queries. T

hey can link a multitude of events and playing styles to search, which allows the execution of more than 1,000 search combinations.

The ability to search across players, teams, styles, set plays and more using natural language can also help access complex tracking data.

For example, STATS Edge lets users quickly find and retrieve all of a team’s counter attacks which led to goals, a player’s key events such as shots or crosses in the last five games, or passes into a custom defined zone on the pitch.

Once clips are identified, STATS’ proprietary Exemplar Search, built by its award-winning data science team, can instantly find clips of similar plays at the click of a button. By using AI algorithms, the platform reads the combination of player and ball trajectories as well as events in any clip to retrieve the respective Exemplar Search results.

Fuchs added: “We’ve applied computer vision and artificial intelligence to bring new levels of context and efficiency to teams already using video for their match preparations. It’ll save them time, allow them to develop proprietary results, and help get them the information to make, share and track the best decisions.”

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