Tech Quiz: Technology And Sports Sponsorship

Can you guess the sports teams that technology firms have sponsored over the years?

Technology companies love sport. It gives them a platform to show off their latest technology in a high profile, often trivial way, that allows them to reach people that otherwise may show no interest in their services or products.

With the Superbowl taking place this Sunday, it’s a perfect time to recall the famous Ridley Scott-directed Apple Mac advert of 1984.

But sports organisations are massive businesses too, generating huge amounts of revenue. So it’s understandable they might need the same infrastructure and software that a multinational bank uses.

Sport tech sponsorship

Arsenal Sega

We at Silicon agree. Seeing how a governing body or famous team uses a certain piece of technology might just give you the inspiration you need for your next project.

But sometimes, technology firms decided to sponsor sports teams because… well, just because. It might be brand awareness, prestige or just the prospect of free tickets that convinces them to spend thousands or even millions of pounds.

Some of the most famous sponsorships are etched into football folklore (Candy washing machines anyone?).

For this week’s quiz, we want you to match the sponsor to the team. And there are a few other bits of sponsor trivia too. So…

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