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Silicon Insights: How to Evolve Your Enterprise’s Digital Marketing: Part 2

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From marketing to cutting-edge science, Silicon Insights gives your business a window into the latest thinking and practical and actionable roadmaps to ensure your enterprise remains competitive and opens the debate across a wide range of topics shaping your company’s strategic development.

In part two, Izzie Rivers, CEO of Realm, continues to consider how B2B marketing is evolving and why enterprises must evolve how they create and analyse their campaigns.

As we saw in part one of this interview, B2B enterprises are rationalising every aspect of their processes and operations. The aim is to become more agile to meet the rapidly changing business landscape they can see changing before them.

One core question that Izzie addresses is if we are entering a new era of B2B marketing, how important is tethered branding to creating new marketing strategies that are also highly measurable? Marketing must now become connected (tethered) to every aspect of the sales funnel to ensure KPIs are measuring the entire customer journey.

Also, how multi-channel purchasing now impacts multi-channel marketing, all B2B companies must evolve. The crossover from the B2C space, where brand advocacy has massive value, is also becoming critical in the B2B space. B2B marketing remains distinct to a point, but as Izzie points out, those businesses connecting marketing and sales to become one efficient and effective whole will become destination brands in their industries or sectors.

And communications between B2B brands and their customers are also transforming. Again, many development cues are being taken from the B2C space. Customer services using the latest hosted data platforms can deliver infinitely more engaging communications than has been possible in the past.

Technology is, of course, a foundation of all these developments. For example, customer-facing digital storefronts are being re-drawn as new technologies are embraced, such as microservices, the cloud and headless E-commerce. For sales and marketing, these developments directly impact how they create today’s successful campaigns.

CRMs are now intelligent entities that marketers, sales, and customer services can all use to make personal connections with each customer. The rise of self-services and the expansion of online communities in the B2B space speaks volumes about how companies are using their digital transformation to become enterprises more attuned to the needs of their customers.

Izzie concludes by advising business leaders who can see how marketing and sales have converged for several years, how to begin their journey. How should a business begin taking advantage of the latest technology to use the multiple available channels? And what does the future hold for B2B marketing?

Watch Part 1 of this Silicon Insight here.

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