Quiz Of The Week: Wearable Technology

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Google Glass is creating a buzz around wearable technology, but the concept has been around for many years. Smart watches are also just a small item in our  digital wardrobe.

In the 1990s, virtual reality headsets were in vogue, and futurologists wore an office on their arm, complete with a flip-up screen. Since then, more technology has been woven into fabrics, GPS has added location, and information feeds have multiplied. Now, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Google GlassSmart suits

Google’s augmented reality glasses are not virtual reality, but they have potential to improve your interaction with what you see – or else invade privacy, depending on your viewpoint.

Bluetooth has been a standby to connect up devices on people’s bodies, starting with headsets, but now including gloves, shirts and snowboard jackets.

Other digital clothing is designed to provide power, by tapping into ambient sources such as heat, solar power or sound.

And then, there is the creative side of wearable tech – where artists explore ways to make clothes more interactive. And if that sounds tacky, well, that’s because this kind of wearable tech usually is pretty tacky.

We’ve trawled recent offerings in the wearable tech field, and we came out more excited about the prospects. If you are  wondering about our  lead image, by the way, it’s Jennifer Darmour of Artefact, whose ElectricFoxy blog is a superb source for information on wearable tech of all kinds.

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