IP Expo: Moving Workloads To Make The Most Of The Cloud

Ian Masters vision Solutions

With multiple clouds to choose from, you need a way to move workloads between the different providers, says Ian Masters

Now everyone has some of their IT  in the cloud, there’s a new issue to deal with: moving workloads between cloud providers.

You may need to move virtual servers and applications to make the most of your contracts, says  Ian Masters, Vision Solutions’ regional sales director for Northern Europe, but cloud providers do not go out of their way to make the job easier.

Ian Masters vision SolutionsMoving to a new home

“We  see the need to change physical infrastructure and actual cloud providers,” said Masters, in a video interview from IP Expo in London. Forinstance, a company developing on Amazon Web Services may have an enterprise agreement with Microsoft that includes some compute space. That will go to waste if all the applications are built on Amazon.

Vison’s  Double-Take was originally designed to replicate loads for disaster recovery, but it can now copy them to a different cloud – without interrupting users, says Masters. Hear him explain in the video.



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