Amazon Finally Breaches $2 Trillion Valuation


Long time coming. Amazon has reached a $2 trillion market capitalisation – six years after it passed a $1 trillion valuation

E-commerce giant Amazon has for the first time reached a market valuation of $2 trillion, becoming the fifth US company to reach such a goal.

On Wednesday this week, Amazon was valued at $2.01 trillion thanks to a 3.4 percent share price increase to $192.70. As of Thursday morning, Amazon’s pre-market share price is sitting at $193.54.

It comes amid investor optimism centred around artificial intelligence (Amazon is a heavy investor in Anthropic), as well a positive outlook of the US economy and potential easing of US interest rates.

Anthropic Claude AI chatbot.
Image credit Anthropic

Amazon value

It has taken Amazon a very long time to reach a $2 trillion market capitalisation.

It should be remembered that it back was in September 2018 when Amazon had joined other big name tech firms by reaching the $1 trillion dollar club.

That was a week after Apple had become the first publicly traded US company to be worth $1 trillion.

Since that time the value of Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia has surged ahead, and is currently over the $3 trillion mark.

Indeed, Nvidia’s value had tripled in 2023 alone, and in 2024 it added another $1 trillion in value in the space of just three months.

Top tier

On Thursday morning Nvidia’s premarket share price was trading at $124.86, giving it market capitalisation of $3.109 trillion,

Microsoft’s pre-market share price on Thursday morning is at $451.65, giving it a market capitalisation of $3.361 trillion.

Apple’s share price meanwhile is at $214.04, giving it a market capitalisation of $3.27 trillion.

Alphabet (Google) is currently worth $2.281 trillion, but the most valuable company in the world is Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, Saudi Aramco, which has a market valuation just under $6.715 trillion.