Clouded II Documentary Reveals the True Cost of the Cloud

Clouded II documentary

Exposing the economic and environmental impacts of cloud technology. Explore the hidden expenses and ecological footprints unearthed by industry experts, challenging prevailing narratives and urging a more conscientious approach to digital innovation.

In the age of rapid digitisation and technological advancement, the cloud has emerged as a cornerstone of innovation. However, a groundbreaking documentary, “Clouded II,” produced by technology researchers Dark Matter and sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, challenges the prevailing narrative by shedding light on the hidden economic and environmental costs associated with cloud technology.

Directed by Daniel Tremayne-Pitter, “Clouded II” ventures into uncharted territory, delving into the intricate web of implications stemming from the widespread adoption of cloud technologies. With industry experts at the forefront, the documentary dissects the true impact of cloud computing on businesses and the planet at large.



Tremayne-Pitter emphasizes: “Cloud costs are spiralling, and cloud spending remains a significant challenge for organizations worldwide. Yet, beyond financial concerns, we must confront the environmental repercussions of our digital footprint. ‘Clouded II’ aims to debunk myths and unravel misconceptions surrounding cloud technology, revealing its true cost.”

Central to the documentary’s narrative is the juxtaposition between the cost-saving promises of software-on-demand and the stark reality of escalating cloud expenditures. Drawing from Dark Matter’s survey of 120 organisations, the film underscores a prevailing sentiment: 90% of respondents believe cloud costs are on the rise, with 35% experiencing costs exceeding initial expectations. Moreover, a notable 47% of enterprises are contemplating or actively moving their IT operations back on-premises.

David Linthicum, a prominent figure in cloud computing, asserts, “Cloud inefficiencies are coming to light, with costs surpassing initial projections. Acknowledging that certain applications may not belong in the cloud can be challenging, but essential. The emergence of FinOps underscores the need for enterprises to navigate complex cloud bills and rectify underlying issues.”

Beyond financial concerns, “Clouded II” delves into the environmental ramifications of data proliferation and cloud infrastructure expansion. Gerry McGovern, a featured expert, paints a stark picture of the future, highlighting the exponential growth of data and its staggering resource requirements. With data storage projected to soar, the strain on energy, water, and natural resources intensifies, prompting urgent calls for sustainable solutions.

Steven Gonzalez Monserrate, an anthropologist, underscores the disconnect between the rhetoric of abundance surrounding cloud services and the ecological toll of data hoarding. From energy consumption to water usage, the environmental footprint of cloud computing raises profound ethical questions about resource allocation and sustainability.

The documentary also scrutinises the prevailing metrics used to gauge data centre efficiency, notably the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Critics argue that PUE fails to account for the full spectrum of environmental impact, neglecting factors such as water consumption and heat waste inherent in data storage processes.

Mark Butcher, a GreenOps advocate, elucidates the staggering scale of data waste, with businesses squandering resources on redundant processes and unnecessary data storage. By optimizing data management practices, enterprises have the potential to significantly reduce emissions and minimize their environmental footprint.

“Clouded II” not only serves as a wake-up call but also catalyses broader conversations around responsible cloud usage and sustainability. Featuring insights from industry luminaries such as John Frey, Winston Ma, and Nicola Peill-Moelter, the documentary offers a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted challenges posed by cloud technology.

With its launch on Clouded TV, Dark Matter introduces a groundbreaking platform dedicated to debunking cloud myths and fostering informed dialogue. “Clouded TV” promises to be an indispensable resource for industry specialists, journalists, businesses, and the general public, offering unparalleled insights into the complexities of cloud computing.

In an era defined by technological progress, “Clouded II” serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative to balance innovation with environmental stewardship. As organisations grapple with the true costs of cloud technology, the documentary stands as a beacon of awareness, advocating for a more sustainable and conscientious approach to digital transformation.