New Intel Skylake Chips Offer Extra Power, Security And Flexibility

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New 6th gen Intel Skylake chips offer greater power, enhanced chip level security and SMB software


Intel says its new business-focused Core and Core vPro processors will help firms of all sizes become more productive and secure when they start appearing in Windows-powered desktops and laptops.

The company claims the new 6th generation Core and Core vPro i5 and i7 chips will provide a 60 percent performance increase versus its fourth generation chips, and 2.5 times the performance and three times the battery life of a five-year-old laptop.

Safe and sound

6th_Gen_Intel_Core_packageThis boost in power will be supported by enhanced security software.

Intel Authenticate is built into the hardware itself, allowing IT departments to create custom multifactor authentication login processes that minimise the threat of data breaches and credential theft.

These could include a combination of a randomised PIN display generated out of graphics card using mouse or touch (to avoid keyloggers), a Bluetooth proximity connection which only authenticates access when it detects a companion mobile or wearable device, or biometrics login.

Also available at chip-level is a ‘logical location’ system, which keeps track of a user’s most common networks to build a profile of what networks are around to define a security policy.

Off to work

Intel_SBA_Icon_1024Intel is also keen to highlight that its new hardware is ideal for small businesses. Its range of Small Business Advantage software is available in three versions and is specially designed for SMBs looking to scale up their IT and digitise more processes.

Among other things, the software provides security features such as data backup and restore capabilities, tools to block malicious USB drives, and a software monitoring service to ensure nothing harmful is being installed on a workplace network.

Also included are features to help boost productivity, including health checking services, messaging services offering chat, screen and file share options, and extended access capabilities to maximise cloud potential.

“We believe this a turning point in terms of capabilities for the system,” said Tom Garrison, Intel’s vice president and general manager of business client products. “We are delivering a huge jump in performance”.

Naturally, the processors are optimised for Windows 10. Intel is one of the chip manufacturers that has agreed to optimise their hardware for the latest version of the operating system so that Windows 7 and 8 are no longer supported.

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