Could Huawei Be Planning To Launch A Laptop?

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Reports claim that mobile giant is exploring several options, including a Windows/Android hybrid device

Huawei’s quest for world domination could be set to take another major step forwards after several reports claimed the company is looking at building its own laptops.

Sources in China have reported that Huawei is planning to launch a device soon, possibly even at Mobile World Congress next month, as it looks to expand its reach into new areas.

The sources suggest that a Huawei laptop would either be a dual-boot device running both a version of Windows and Android, or a lightweight Chromebook device, Android Authority reports.


huawei logoHuawei has enjoyed a rapid growth in the mobile device market in recent years, and will now be looking to carry this over into the laptop space.

Given the above options, a Chromebook would be a more likely option, as Huawei has a strong existing partnership with Google following its manufacturing of the Nexus 6P smartphone.

As for a dual-boot Windows/Android laptop, such devices are unusual in the device space at the moment, although Lenovo debuted the Thinkpad 13 at CES 2016 last month that did just this. It may be that Huawei’s upcoming devices instead come in variants offering either Windows or Android compatability, which would greatly expand their appeal across the maximum number of markets.

However it’s also possible that Huawei could launch an Android-based model running a customised version of EMUI (the company’s own-branded Android software interface), in order to really throw down the gauntlet to its rivals.

Huawei certainly has the resources to invest into building a laptop after 2015 proved to be an incredibly successful year for the company.

Last month, it revealed that 2015 finally saw it achieve its long-standing aim of shipping 100 million smartphones over the course of a calendar year, a 33 percent increase in the number of smartphones shipped as it moved in to the top three largest vendors worldwide.

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