Huawei Shipped 100 Million Smartphones In 2015

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Chinese manufacturer says high-end customers helped push sales sky-high this year

Huawei has revealed that 2015 was the year which finally saw it achieve its long-standing aim of shipping 100 million smartphones.

The Chinese company confirmed the news in a statement on its website, which noted that 2015 had seen a 33 percent increase in the number of smartphones shipped, as Huawei moved in to the top three largest vendors worldwide.

Huawei hailed the effect that premium devices (such as the Huawei P8 smartphone, pictured left) had had on its sales, with a third of the smartphones shipping by Huawei in the third quarter costing more than 2,000 yuan ($309).


Huawei P8Huawei has never been shy about its ambitions to be a world leader in all forms of mobile technology, having stated in the past that it wants to challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung for global supremacy.

Recent figures from IDC showed that Huawei accounted for 7.5 percent of all phones shipped globally in the third quarter of 2015, behind Apple’s 13.5 percent and Samsung’s leading 24 percent, thanks to Huawei having sold nearly 10 million smartphones every month since May.

Last month, the company said that it believes the end of the decade will herald a new generation of mobile phone known as the ‘superphone’.

It believes that each generation of device has a twelve year lifespan, with the era of the smartphone starting in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone and Android device, which in turn marked the conclusion of the feature phone era initiated by Motorola in 1995.

The superphone will accompany the arrival of 5G networks, which could be commercially available by 2020, and offer superfast and reliable internet connections for mobile devices.

The company has also set itself the goal of becoming the world’s third biggest storage vendor by 2018, saying that “We don’t want to just be No.1 in China…We want to be at least the top 3 in the world by 2018,” earlier this month.

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