Quiz Of The Week: The Smartphones Of 2015

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What do you know about this year’s must-have mobiles?

Smartphones have transformed the way we work, stay in contact with our friends, play games, and even listen to music, and for many of us are something that we cannot bear to be parted from.

Recent analyst figures from Gartner have predicted that 2.5 billion devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) will ship this year across the world, equating to $606 billion (£392bn) worth of spending – and smartphones will make up a huge part of this.

Going mobile

using smartphone mobile phoneFrom global heavyweights such as Apple and Samsung to smaller local names such as Kazam and Silent Circle, the smartphone industry is big business.

So far in 2015 we’ve enjoyed a wealth of new devices, with huge shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress unleashing a wealth of new smartphones into the world.

But how much do you know about the newest devices released so far this year?

Take our quiz and find out!


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